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Kaskazi Dorado – Sea Fishing Kayaks

A Quality Sit On Top Fishing Kayak. The Dorado has been designed to satisfy the most demanding of anglers and still maintain the paddling efficiency of a proper sea kayak. This is a specialist fishing kayak that can be used for accessing offshore reefs in pursuit of big fish and also for touring trips to remote locations with her impressive load carrying capacity of 180 kgs, that is a big paddler and over 1cwt of gear.

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Kaskazi Marlin

The Kaskazi Marlin is a fishing version of the Kaskazi Pelican. It has all the features and user friendly characteristics of the Pelican and is equipped with fishing accessories: Two rod holders and saddles for attaching tethers are fitted aft of the seat, a small hatch or bait box is fitted to the centre console, a plastic crate is accommodated in the recessed rear hatch and anchor trolley lines are fitted to both gunwales on the bow and the port gunwale on the stern. Carry handles are fitted on either side at the point of balance.

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Kaskazi Pelican Sit On Top Kayak

Kaskazi Pelican Sit On Top Kayak Expedition proven sit-on-top tourer. A very pretty mid volume single sea tourer - designed as a very stable sit-on-top platform for fishing, flyfishing, snorkeling, diving or camping trips while still maintaining the dimensions and performance required for an expedition sea kayak. The Pelican was the first Kaskazi kayak to [...]

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Kaskazi Duo tandem kayak

Kaskazi Duo Tandem Kayak The Kaskazi Duo has been designed to handle effortlessly both on and off the water. Never before has a double kayak offered such user friendly attributes and rough water capability, together with expedition touring range and load carrying capacity. The Duo is only slightly longer than a solo touring kayak, making [...]

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Kaskazi Sea Kayaks – Skua

Kaskazi Sea Kayaks - Skua The Skua was designed by its creator, Leon Franken of Cape Town, as an expedition kayak for himself because he could not find a kayak that would meet the demands he was to place upon it. This is a very sleek, very fast, extremely light, but very strong and exceptionally [...]

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