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Masses of articles regarding staying safe when kayak fishing. Essential Reading

  • The Sea King - Coastguard Rescue Helicopter

Sea Angling – A Very Dangerous Sport !!

Before reading this article I would like to point out that some people may find it quite upsetting. The article contains information about Sea Anglers who have been injured or even lost their lives on our coastline. Please think it through thoroughly before going any further. I hope this article can act as a reminder [...]

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Kayak Fishing Safety Advice By Ken Oliver

Ten Kayak Fishing Safety Tips Last Saturday the Flamborough lifeboat assisted with three rescues involving kayakers and kayak anglers around the Flamborough Head area. Non of us like preaching on this site but please guys... 1. Make sure you have checked weather & tidal information and that it is within you capabilities before launching, if [...]

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  • Kayak Fishing Safety Course At Runswick Bay

Kayak Fishing Safety Course At Runswick Bay

Hi all, as part of the Runswick Kayak Fishing Festival we are running the really popular BCU Kayak Angling Safety Course - one course on both days of the event. This will be delivered by Level 5 BCU Coach Kim Bull. If your a kayak angler and have not attended one of these workshops yet [...]

  • Kayak Fishing Information Tips And All You Need To Know

Kayak Fishing Basics

Basic Requirements To Go Fishing From A Kayak With all the upsurge of interest in using kayaks for fishing inshore waters many anglers are keen to know the ins and outs of what is required to take up this exiting sport. There is a lot of information contained on the web, much of it from [...]

  • Dry Bags For Kayak Fishing

Drybags For Kayak Fishing – Which Dry Bag ?

Our resident kayak fishing expert Ken Oliver of First Wet And Wild Kayak Outlet at Hull discusses the use of Kayaking Drybags giving advice on the best products for kayak fishing.

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Kayak Recue By The Lifeboat In Bristol Channel

The kayak had flipped but it was quickly turned right side up at the second attempt. Though with the kayak anchored and the tide beginning to ebb, and with a running sea, I was getting pushed down the kayak […]

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Wearing Waders In A Kayak

Is It Safe To Wear Waders When Kayak Fishing ? There is a long running debate in the kayak fishing world about the safety of wearing waders in/on a kayak. I have done a little research on this and hopefully this page will be useful to anyone thinking of wearing waders when afloat, either when [...]

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Anchoring A Kayak

Forum member Dave Adamson describes his fool proof method for anchoring his kayak in strong tides. This method also allows for easy retrieval of your kayak anchor whilst the tide is still running strong. There are still a lot of the lads who are either unsure how to anchor or nervous of trying. Since changing [...]

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Contact Your Local Coastguard

All the contact details for your local coastguard are here. If your thinking of going fishing then give them a ring to submit your paddle plan. Contact details for

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Kayak Fishing Safety

The following is not a definitive list and it should be taken together with any knowledge you have of the area you are kayaking in. The lists will provide some guidance, and no more, as to how to equip and prepare yourself for kayaking. The providers do not accept any liability for omissions or inclusions. [...]

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Weather Forecasts For Kayak Fishing

Remember your life depends on the weather. As a kayaker I use online forecasts to check the weather conditions prior to launch. It is also a good idea to check with the coastguard prior to launch and to monitor channel 16 vhf for weather updates and warnings. Also remember to submit a paddle plan to [...]

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A kayak Anglers Towline

Towing is one of the most basic fundamental skills a kayaker must master and practise if he is to render fast and efficient help to someone in trouble. The reasons for towing someone are as long as the towline itself. Lost paddles, weever stings, dislocated shoulders, keeping a rescue situation away from hazards such as [...]

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