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This area of the site is for those of you wanting to make modifications to your kayaks. Information found will include things like how to rig an anchor trolly, how to fit a fishfinder or GPS, Fitting Rod Holders. This category will also supply information on DIY projects such as making your own kayak trolley

DIY Kayak Livewell & Dry Box

For a couple of years now I've fancied having my own livewell on the kayak. I did have a half hearted attempt a year or so back with an old cool box, though that was deemed a failure in the very early stages. There's another issue, just how often am I actually going to use [...]

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Another DIY Kayak Trolley

Many of you will know that I am not the greatest fan of my C-Tug ???  Partly down to some bad design features, partly because  I have rigged my PBG with motor and batteries ( so it is heavy ) and partly down to the places where I use it (step uneven river banks) All [...]

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DIY Anchor Reel By Kingfisheryakking

Article By Neil Bugnol - Kingfisheryakking Having used a cable tidy for the past two years, I decided it was time to sort myself out with something a little better for storage of my anchor rope. I have found myself short sometimes with the 50m of 8mm rope that I normally use, so replacement storage [...]

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Kayak Wind Paddles – Kayak Pop Up Sails

The Kayak Windpaddle The WindPaddle is a self-launching, free-standing sail for kayaks, canoes, sit-on-tops, paddle boards, and other small watercraft. With the lowest center of gravity of any kayak/canoe sail available, the WindPaddle is the safest sail you can buy! Weighing only 13 ounces (the Adventure model), the WindPaddle stows on deck in a small [...]

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HUMMINBIRD SIDE IMAGING SONAR SEAWORK EXHIBITION 16th-18th JUNE STAND S52/BERTH A54 Side Imaging Sonar from Humminbird was one of the outstanding products at Seawork last year. It won the Innovation Award for Marine Electronics and was also voted Technical Innovation of the Year at the Fishing News Awards. This exclusive technology will be shown on [...]

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NEW 50 CHANNEL GPS SIDE IMAGING SONAR SEAWORK EXHIBITION 16th-18th JUNE STAND S52/BERTH A54 The latest model of Side Imaging Sonar from Johnson Outdoors UK uses a 50 channel GPS/WAAS receiver to give lightning fast position fixes accurate to within 2.5 metres. The Humminbird 798c SI Combo, part of the user-friendly 700 series of fishfinders, [...]

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C Tug Kayak Trolley

THE ULTIMATE KAYAK TROLLEY The C-Tug assembles in 30 seconds. The C-Tug from Johnson Outdoors Watercraft is the most durable, practical and lightweight kayak trolley on the market. Manufactured in New Zealand, this innovative design can be assembled in just 30 seconds and offers the perfect way to easily transport a kayak. Its adjustable hull [...]