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This area of the site is for those of you wanting to make modifications to your kayaks. Information found will include things like how to rig an anchor trolly, how to fit a fishfinder or GPS, Fitting Rod Holders. This category will also supply information on DIY projects such as making your own kayak trolley

  • Scotty Rod Holders Slip Discs And offset gears

Scotty Rod Holder – Slip Discs – Offset Gears

I’ve recently completed rigging my Hobie Outback for fishing and sailing. As part of the fishing setup I have the facility to fit up to two Scotty Baitcaster rod holders for trolling purposes. http://www.whitbyseaanglers.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=30330.

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  • Sandsend-Kayak-March-2011048

Rigging The Hobie Outback For Kayak Fishing

I’ve had the Hobie Outback for a few months now, rigging has been steady, perhaps a little pedestrian. A times parts have been slow to arrive, a lot of time has been spent planning and there’s been fishing, Christmas, Easter and other holidays and weekends away in between. I’ve rigged several kayaks before, mostly for [...]

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  • Hobie Kayaks - Fishing And Photography

Rigging A Kayak For Photography

If you’ve followed my blog entries over the past few months or years, you’ll have noticed that I enjoy taking photographs and making movies. I enjoy populating my fishing reports with images and to ensure that any reviews or DIY guides are suitably illustrated. I’m not a fan of reading reports or articles with no [...]

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  • feel free moken 14 with rudder system

Fitting A Rudder To The Feel Free Moken 14

I picked up the Feelfree Moken 14 kayak this weekend with the rudder system. Now the rudder system had no instructions but between Rod of 1st Wet & Wild and my self we got the basics sorted. With the weather being pants I was confined to the dull lit garage but got there in the [...]

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  • Fitting a down imaging sonar on a kayak - kayak fishing

Kayak Fishing – Fitting A Down Imaging Sonar

www.dizzybigfish.co.uk - Having done a traditional 2D fish finder, and side imaging on the yak.... down imaging had to be next ! I have just bought a Lowrance Dsi unit from Redcar, and have spent a long time thinking and finally pimping the Hobie Revolution 11. I didn't want to lose the use of the [...]

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  • kayak-roof-rack

Thule 873 Hydro glide kayak carrier

With the winds being unfavourable to get out for a paddle today :cry: I had a bit of spare time on my hands so thought I would write a quick review of my Thule 873 Hydro glide kayak carrier. Hoping that it may help some of the new lads out or anyone struggling with the [...]

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Fitting A Kayak Fishfinder

This article outlines how to fit the Garmin 90 fishfinder to an Ocean Kayak Prowler 13. The information within the article can easily be utilised to fit any brand of fishfinder to any fishing kayak on the market. the type and size of the fishfinder you are installing will influence the design of the installation. [...]

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  • tagging sharks

Repairing A Fibre Glass Kayak – Kaskazi Clinic

The subject of durability regards the Dorados has been brought up a few times now, thought a few might be interested in what to do if you bash em. Although GRP is not as durable in a crash as plastic its certainly more repairable. Buzz discovered that his rocket had a small crack in the [...]

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Kayak Anchor Trolley

Article By Ian Alexander To get the trolley to run as far back towards the stern as possible I've made use of the rudder mounting holes and fitted a plate that I made from 3mm stainless steel plate. This was an idea I got from a post on the AA site. Along with some shock [...]

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  • Final product

DIY – Kayak rear loading bar

I while ago I purchased a Mondeo estate for my wife to run about in. It does manage over 40mpg with the yak on the roof at 'motorway speeds' and as a result it's ideally suited for those long road trips. However, I find getting the Big Game on and off the roof a pain, [...]

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Home Made Kayak Trolley – B&Q Special

OK firstly this is not my idea, loads of people have done this before on other sites this is just to help people who might want to make a cheap home made trolley for their yak. Its so simple, even a monkey like me managed it - although I did need help from Sam to [...]

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Anchoring A Kayak

Forum member Dave Adamson describes his fool proof method for anchoring his kayak in strong tides. This method also allows for easy retrieval of your kayak anchor whilst the tide is still running strong. There are still a lot of the lads who are either unsure how to anchor or nervous of trying. Since changing [...]