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Kayak Fishing is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the world of sea angling.

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  • thornback-ray-fishing

Kayak Fishing For Thornback Rays At Night

After our Thornback session last week myself and Matty fancied trying for them at night, so with the forecast ok it was time for our first kayak night session since 2009. We hit the water around 7.45pm, it was a bit […]

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  • kayak-pollack-fishing

Double Figure Pollack From Redcar Scars

myself, Sam and Scotty headed out this afternoon from sunny Redcar. The plan was to go livebaiting for pollack off the scaurs of redcar and a well known wreck. So we headed out to the soft ground […]

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  • fly fishing for bass

Awesome Fly Fishing For Bass From A Kayak

A lovely couple of hours this morning. On the water for 06.00, I had hoped to be out by 05.30 but too much socialising with friends last night put me back a bit. :laugh: It was flat calm and hardly any water movement, […]

  • devon-bass

South Coast Kayak Bass Fishing In Devon

I have not been out kayak fishing much this year, but last weekend I managed a quick trip out.To be honest, I really did not fancy it, but my kayak fishing friends Adam and Dave persuaded me ! The weather […]


Tope Fishing In Wales

I spent 3 days in Wales fishing for Tope, and anything else for that matter that'd jump on my hook :D The weather has been rather crappy for the past 5-6 weeks and as a result I’ve not managed a single trip on the water. That’s been extremely frustrating to say the least, though I’ve [...]

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  • kayak-fishing-waders

Wearing Waders In A Kayak

Is It Safe To Wear Waders When Kayak Fishing ? There is a long running debate in the kayak fishing world about the safety of wearing waders in/on a kayak. I have done a little research on this and hopefully this page will be useful to anyone thinking of wearing waders when afloat, either when [...]

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  • tagging sharks

Sharkatag 2011

2011 Sharkatag, Mull Of Galloway Shark Tagging Event Dates for the third annual shark tagging event organised by SSACN and tagsharks.com have now been announced. This very popular event will be held over the weekend of June 24th-26th and will see boat and kayak anglers from across the UK descend on Scotland with the main [...]

  • pollack fishing

How To Catch Pollack From A Kayak.

Nothing Fights Quite Like A Pollack. With the exception of a big Bass perhaps, nothing on the inshore waters fights quite like a pollack hooked in shallow water. The fight often starts slowly with the fish not quite sure whats going on. Then they see the kayak and wake up. Setting off like and exocet [...]

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  • brigg

Basic Planning for Kayak Anglers.

During Kens recent basic SOT course which he ran in Filey Bay, I was asked to give a short talk on basic planning for a trip on our local waters, & I promised to put some material on the site. This is aimed at beginners to the sport with little practical sea experience  & as [...]

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  • runswick3-1

Runswick Bay Kayak Fishing (Yorkshire)

Runswick Bay is known to hold an abundance of kayak fishing opportunities for anyone willing to put in the time to learn the area. A good mixture of kelp and sand is to be found close at hand. The areas to the South of the village over towards Kettleness and to the north up towards [...]

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  • sandsend-marrion

Kayak Fishing At Sandsend Car Park (Yorkshire)

This large slipway can be found at the north end of the village at the bottom of Lythe Bank. There is an hourly parking charge through summer, there are also council toilets, and a very nice local cafe for anyone wanting refreshments. Again this area is under exploited by kayak anglers. Fishing near the cliffs [...]

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  • kayak-roof-rack

Thule 873 Hydro glide kayak carrier

With the winds being unfavourable to get out for a paddle today :cry: I had a bit of spare time on my hands so thought I would write a quick review of my Thule 873 Hydro glide kayak carrier. Hoping that it may help some of the new lads out or anyone struggling with the [...]

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