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Kayak Fishing is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the world of sea angling.

Catch Reports

  • Guardian Expedition Light

Guardian Expedition Light, Ideal For Kayak Anglers

I recently took delivery of a few items from Escape Watersports, included in my order was a Guardian Expedition Light. It cost around £12 and to be honest I didn’t expect too much for that sort of money!.

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  • wilderness tarpon fishing kayaks

Wilderness Tarpon 140 Sea Fishing Kayak

Wilderness Tarpon 140, Hi all, First Wet And Wild Of Hull have just received one of our spring orders of 38 kayaks, still working our way through them in the store............

  • Islander Strike 13 Angling Kayak

Excellently Priced – Islander Strike 13 Angling Kayak

Islander Strike 13, You will recognize it as last years wilderness Tarpon 140. The new strike angler comes in a completely upgraded design for maximum performance.

  • Marske kayak fishing and Boat fishing launch site slipway

Kayak Fishing Launch Site At Marske

Kayak Fishing Launch Site At Marske - Most of the sea bed along here consists of clean sand and shingle with some big sandbanks and pools that shift............

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  • Kayak Fishing And Boat Fishing Launch site At Redcar - Marske

Kayak Fishing Launch Site At Redcar

This launch site allows very easy access to some very good ground, The slip way is located at the end of the coast road if coming from Marske (link to google map here:)

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  • Kayak Fishing At Skinnigrove

2013 Kayak Cod Fishing From Skinningrove

We aimed to anchor around New and Old Gut as we have both had some luck with cod around there. We were right on the edge between the soft and hard ground (at least I think we were as I am still not completely sure I understand my fish finder yet). After about 20 minutes [...]

  • kayak fishing matches

North East Kayak Angling Championships 2013

North East Kayak Angling Championships, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June 2013, Blythe Northumberland The North East Marine Division of the Angling Trust are holding the first North East Kayak Angling Championships on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June 2013.

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  • Kayak Fishing Safety Course At Runswick Bay

Kayak Fishing Safety Course At Runswick Bay

Hi all, as part of the Runswick Kayak Fishing Festival we are running the really popular BCU Kayak Angling Safety Course - one course on both days of the event. This will be delivered by Level 5 BCU Coach Kim Bull. If your a kayak angler and have not attended one of these workshops yet [...]

  • Palm And Typhoon Drysuits

The Palm Aleutian And Typhoon ps220 Extreme Drysuit

Are you after being comfortable out at sea and looking at investing into a drysuit that lasts? I have two excellent suits to compare here - The Palm Aleutian and the Typhoon ps220 Extreme. Both are designed for sea touring and have some great features, deciding between the two is the tricky bit.  Below is [...]

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  • flamborough kayak fishing

North Landing Flamborough Kayak Fishing

When you get to the village of Flamborough follow the signs to North Landing and proceed to the car park at the end of the road. The charge here is £1.50 all day during the summer months but free in the winter. It is quite a steep track down to the beach, especially at the [...]

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  • Kayak Fishing Information Tips And All You Need To Know

Kayak Fishing Basics

Basic Requirements To Go Fishing From A Kayak With all the upsurge of interest in using kayaks for fishing inshore waters many anglers are keen to know the ins and outs of what is required to take up this exiting sport. There is a lot of information contained on the web, much of it from [...]

  • 30lb Kayak Cod From Sandgate In Kent

3olb Kayak Cod From Sandgate In Kent

Sandgate in Kent seems to be knocking out some huge cod for local anglers Dan and Dave at the moment. Just this week they have caught fish to just over 20 lb and then one just nudging 30lb, no trick baits required down there.... all caught on cuttle fish.