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Kayak Fishing is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the world of sea angling.

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  • Kaskazi Sea Fishing Kayaks The Marlin

The Kaskazi Marlin Fishing Kayak – A Few Upgrades

We have been busy updating the features on the Kaskazi Marlin. The following pictures will provide the evidence. The captions will explain:- The cockpit hatch volume has been extended, and the large flat surface provides a perfect placement for a GPS/sonar mounting point, convenient within reach and still provide space for a rod holder - [...]

  • kayak fishing safety

Kayak Fishing Safety Advice By Ken Oliver

Ten Kayak Fishing Safety Tips Last Saturday the Flamborough lifeboat assisted with three rescues involving kayakers and kayak anglers around the Flamborough Head area. Non of us like preaching on this site but please guys... 1. Make sure you have checked weather & tidal information and that it is within you capabilities before launching, if [...]

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  • Kayak Fishing For Cod At Sandsend 2013

Kayak Cod Coming Thick And Fast At Sandsend

Last weekend we launched the kayaks and did a spot of fishing at Ravenscar and Kettleness. On both occasions the water was thick with algea and we never saw a fish on either occasion. One week later and we relocated to Sandsend. Although still green the water was much improved in clarity and it soon [...]

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  • Runswick Bay Kayak Match - Sunday 2013 099

Runswick Bay Summer Kayak Fishing Festival 2013

Dates For 2013 - Sunday 16th June 2013. The Scarborough Angling Festival annual summer kayak match, sponsored by First Wet And Wild Kayak Fishing Outlet has been held every year since 2009. Initially the event was run from Filey, however in 2011 the event was relocated to Runswick bay

  • Tope Fishing In Wales 2013

Tope Fishing In Wales 2013

With a brilliant opening to my tope season a few weeks ago I could not wait to get out for another go. Sadly due to weather and work commitments this had to wait a few weeks. After checking the weather forecast about every two minutes the last weeks it finally looked doable and plans were [...]

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  • sabiki-sandeels

Livebaiting For Bass

Livebaiting For Bass - Is Easy Once You Know How. As with most fishing techniques, livebaiting for bass sounds complicated to the average angler, but truth be known its no more difficult than trolling a plug behind your kayak, or casting your plugs whilst on the drift. Whats more livebaits are said to be a [...]

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  • Scotty Rod Holders Slip Discs And offset gears

Scotty Rod Holder – Slip Discs – Offset Gears

I’ve recently completed rigging my Hobie Outback for fishing and sailing. As part of the fishing setup I have the facility to fit up to two Scotty Baitcaster rod holders for trolling purposes. http://www.whitbyseaanglers.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=30330.

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  • Sandsend-Kayak-March-2011048

Rigging The Hobie Outback For Kayak Fishing

I’ve had the Hobie Outback for a few months now, rigging has been steady, perhaps a little pedestrian. A times parts have been slow to arrive, a lot of time has been spent planning and there’s been fishing, Christmas, Easter and other holidays and weekends away in between. I’ve rigged several kayaks before, mostly for [...]

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  • Hobie Kayaks - Fishing And Photography

Rigging A Kayak For Photography

If you’ve followed my blog entries over the past few months or years, you’ll have noticed that I enjoy taking photographs and making movies. I enjoy populating my fishing reports with images and to ensure that any reviews or DIY guides are suitably illustrated. I’m not a fan of reading reports or articles with no [...]

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  • feel free moken 14 with rudder system

Fitting A Rudder To The Feel Free Moken 14

I picked up the Feelfree Moken 14 kayak this weekend with the rudder system. Now the rudder system had no instructions but between Rod of 1st Wet & Wild and my self we got the basics sorted. With the weather being pants I was confined to the dull lit garage but got there in the [...]

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  • Fitting a down imaging sonar on a kayak - kayak fishing

Kayak Fishing – Fitting A Down Imaging Sonar

www.dizzybigfish.co.uk - Having done a traditional 2D fish finder, and side imaging on the yak.... down imaging had to be next ! I have just bought a Lowrance Dsi unit from Redcar, and have spent a long time thinking and finally pimping the Hobie Revolution 11. I didn't want to lose the use of the [...]

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  • RTM Abaco Fishing Kayak

RTM Abaco Fishing Kayak Review

RTM Abaco Fishing Kayak ???  Never heard of it I hear you say! -Neither had I until very recently. I set about a search for a review but I could not find a single review by a UK angler. That will change now, I have one in my garage for a short while .