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  • Kaskazi Sea Fishing Kayaks The Marlin

The Kaskazi Marlin Fishing Kayak – A Few Upgrades

We have been busy updating the features on the Kaskazi Marlin. The following pictures will provide the evidence. The captions will explain:- The cockpit hatch volume has been extended, and the large flat surface provides a perfect placement for a GPS/sonar mounting point, convenient within reach and still provide space for a rod holder - [...]

  • RTM Abaco Fishing Kayak

RTM Abaco Fishing Kayak Review

RTM Abaco Fishing Kayak ???  Never heard of it I hear you say! -Neither had I until very recently. I set about a search for a review but I could not find a single review by a UK angler. That will change now, I have one in my garage for a short while .

  • Guardian Expedition Light

Guardian Expedition Light, Ideal For Kayak Anglers

I recently took delivery of a few items from Escape Watersports, included in my order was a Guardian Expedition Light. It cost around £12 and to be honest I didn’t expect too much for that sort of money!.

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  • wilderness tarpon fishing kayaks

Wilderness Tarpon 140 Sea Fishing Kayak

Wilderness Tarpon 140, Hi all, First Wet And Wild Of Hull have just received one of our spring orders of 38 kayaks, still working our way through them in the store............

  • Islander Strike 13 Angling Kayak

Excellently Priced – Islander Strike 13 Angling Kayak

Islander Strike 13, You will recognize it as last years wilderness Tarpon 140. The new strike angler comes in a completely upgraded design for maximum performance.

  • Palm And Typhoon Drysuits

The Palm Aleutian And Typhoon ps220 Extreme Drysuit

Are you after being comfortable out at sea and looking at investing into a drysuit that lasts? I have two excellent suits to compare here - The Palm Aleutian and the Typhoon ps220 Extreme. Both are designed for sea touring and have some great features, deciding between the two is the tricky bit.  Below is [...]

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  • Kayak Fishing Information Tips And All You Need To Know

Kayak Fishing Basics

Basic Requirements To Go Fishing From A Kayak With all the upsurge of interest in using kayaks for fishing inshore waters many anglers are keen to know the ins and outs of what is required to take up this exiting sport. There is a lot of information contained on the web, much of it from [...]

  • Dry Bags For Kayak Fishing

Drybags For Kayak Fishing – Which Dry Bag ?

Our resident kayak fishing expert Ken Oliver of First Wet And Wild Kayak Outlet at Hull discusses the use of Kayaking Drybags giving advice on the best products for kayak fishing.

  • 1st-wet-and-wild

First Wet And Wild – Hull Kayak Fishing Outlet

Just wishing to introduce some of you kayak guys to our local store here down in Hull. 1st Wet & Wild is run by my dear friend and partner, Fiona. She has recently taken over the business from her father and I hope, like me, you will wish her all the very best in her [...]

  • ocean-kayak

Ocean Kayak Trident Modular Rod Pod Cover

I just took delivery of a new rod pod cover for my trident 13. I've never been happy with the flimsy effort that came with the trident - coupled with the fact that I couldn't find a suitable place to mount a forward rod holder when I saw this was available I decided to get [...]

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  • Final product

DIY – Kayak rear loading bar

I while ago I purchased a Mondeo estate for my wife to run about in. It does manage over 40mpg with the yak on the roof at 'motorway speeds' and as a result it's ideally suited for those long road trips. However, I find getting the Big Game on and off the roof a pain, [...]

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Kayak Drogues – Using A Kayak Drogue

A drogue will help you to control a drift very effectively, it also works in a small boat as well as the kayak. To set the drogue, simply attach the end of the drogue line to your anchor haul (anchor trolley for Yanks), either by tying it directly to the loop, or by using a [...]