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Places to launch your kayak in the UK

Kayak Fishing At Skinnigrove

A launch at Skinnigrove gives access to the fantastic fishing grounds around Boulby and Hummersea to the South and the softer grounds of Saltburn area to the north. Expect to find cod in the rough grounds. The angler willing to experiment and spend some time using plugs and spinners should be pleasantly surprised with a [...]

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Scarborough South Bay Kayak Launch

Scarborough South Bay/Holbeck By Iain Sellors Launching your kayak from this area gives you the option of heading North to fish around the Marine Drive area, South to fish into Cornelian Bay or further Grisphorpe, or you can stay around the bay itself and fish for flatfish, mackeral, small pollock and bass given the right [...]

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South Landing Flamborough

The slipway at South Landing gives access to the whole of Bridlington Bay. Access is again using the CTug as parking is prohibited around the slipway which is the run in area for the Flamborough head lifeboat. The decent is quite steep and should only be undertaken by those fit enough to deal with the [...]

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Boggle Hole Yorkshire

Access to the beach at boggle hole should be fairly easy via the track near the Youth Hostel. However you should not take your car any further than the car park roughly half to 3/4 of a mile from the beach as it is all but impossible to turn around on the track and with [...]

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Kayak Fishing At Hastings

The pier takes 5 minutes steady paddling,and is good for bass, the best one last year being 10lb 12 oz, also mullett, to the west of the pier its good for garfish and off to the nose of the pier its good for flounders and plaice. In the picture of the harbour wall you`ll see [...]

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