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  • Kayak Fishing In Norway

Kayak Fishing Holidays In Norway

Kayak fishing in Norway is not only possible its fantastic, affordable and very enjoyable.

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  • skinnigrove-kayak-cod-007

Kayak Fishing Teams – Ocean, Jacksons And Kaskazi.

I was lucky enough to join the Jackson Kayak team a few months ago, I guess some things will change where as some things won't. To a certain extent it is business as usual, go fishing and write a report as normal. http://www.whitbyseaanglers.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=32998.0

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  • Kayak Fishing safety - Kayak nearly Sinks galaxy kayaks

Kayak Anglers – Stealing Charter Skippers Readings

I was recently told that Kayak anglers have been coming to Whitby, going on the Charter Boats and using GPS to gather the skippers marks. This is bang out of order. If you are a booking a trip at Whitby to get marks you should at least be polite and ask the skipper if he [...]

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  • ocean kayak fishing team

Ocean Kayak Fishing Team

Would you like to fish for the new Ocean kayak Fishing Team ?? well here's your chance. team ocean kayak are asking for new members. http://www.whitbyseaanglers.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=32602.0

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  • Kaskazi Sea Fishing Kayaks The Marlin

The Kaskazi Marlin Fishing Kayak – A Few Upgrades

We have been busy updating the features on the Kaskazi Marlin. The following pictures will provide the evidence. The captions will explain:- The cockpit hatch volume has been extended, and the large flat surface provides a perfect placement for a GPS/sonar mounting point, convenient within reach and still provide space for a rod holder - [...]

  • Kayak Fishing Safety Course At Runswick Bay

Kayak Fishing Safety Course At Runswick Bay

Hi all, as part of the Runswick Kayak Fishing Festival we are running the really popular BCU Kayak Angling Safety Course - one course on both days of the event. This will be delivered by Level 5 BCU Coach Kim Bull. If your a kayak angler and have not attended one of these workshops yet [...]

  • Hobie Outback Fishing Kayak

Hobie Outback Fishing Kayak (Angler)

It’s been approximately five years since I purchased my first fishing kayak, an Ocean Prowler Big Game. My number one priority had been to find a kayak that was, for me at least, the perfect fishing platform.

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  • Palm And Typhoon Drysuits

Feel Free Moken 14 Fishing Kayak

I saw this at the recent Paddle Expo Trade Show in Germany, its were all the new models are first unveiled, new for 2013. Its a Feel Free Moken 14.

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  • stealth-kayaks www.stealthkayaks.co.uk/

Stealth Kayaks Now Available In The UK – www.stealthkayaks.co.uk/

Stealth is the leading kayak and kayak accessory manufacturer in South Africa. Having actively established themselves in the market in 1998,

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  • Sandsend-Kayak-March-2011 077

Ocean Kayak – Happy 40th Birthday.

Ocean Kayak is a name which has brought affordable, recreational boating to thousands of people and this year the company celebrates its 40th Anniversary. Ocean Kayak is the world number one when it comes to sit-on-top kayaks and the market leader in the kayak fishing sector. Ocean Kayak recreational craft offer fantastic value for money [...]

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  • kayak-fishing-london-boat-show

Ocean Kayak Fishing At The London Boat Show 2011

The London Boat Show had a new look this year which resulted in increased visitors to the Johnson Outdoors UK stand. For the last four days of the Boat Show, The Outdoors Show was also held at the ExCel Exhibition Centre and the Johnson Outdoors stand proved very popular with outdoor enthusiasts keen on canoeing [...]

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  • marlin-fishing-from-a-kayak

Kayak Fishing For Marlin

Kayak Fishing Tales, Jim Sammons tells the story of several hours of fighting Marlin on the East Cape Of Baja in Mexico

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