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  • soft plastic fishing lures for cod, bass, pollack and coalfish

Soft Plastic Fishing Lures – What To Look For

What to look for in a soft lure? Forget about price for a minute. The amount of times I hear ‘Well you can get loads on ebay for a couple of quid’. Yes you’ll catch the odd fish but when it matters you’ll be left with an empty box of fish while everyone else is [...]

  • UK Kayak Fishing

UK Kayak Fishing – Sea Angling From Kayaks

On the second drift I thought the hook had fouled the bottom, but as the bow of the yak turned around and moved against the tide, with the rod pounding.....

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  • uptiding-cod

Kayak Uptiding

Uptide fishing from a kayak is really no different to the general uptiding methods employed in boat fishing. These methods were developed by South East boat angler Bob Cox who discovered that casting a bait uptide from an anchored vessel gave better results than bait fishing whilst drifting. To uptide from a kayak you simply [...]

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  • sea fishing catch reports

Hall Of Fame 2013 – Sea Fishing Photos And Catch Reports

All The Latest Catches From Members Of The Whitby Sea Fishing Forums. Cod, Bass, Pollack, Shore, Boat And Kayak Fishing, Plus Lots Lots More.

  • winter cod fishing

Extreme Sea Fishing On The Yorkshire Coast

North Sea kayaks. Helen Hutchinson investigates the intense and competitive world of extreme fishing on the Yorkshire coast A growing number of brave hearts are now catching cod off the Yorkshire coast in kayaks. Indeed it is becoming so popular that Runswick Bay is holding a kayak fishing festival every summer. The impulse that drives [...]

  • sabiki-sandeels

Livebaiting For Bass

Livebaiting For Bass - Is Easy Once You Know How. As with most fishing techniques, livebaiting for bass sounds complicated to the average angler, but truth be known its no more difficult than trolling a plug behind your kayak, or casting your plugs whilst on the drift. Whats more livebaits are said to be a [...]

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  • Kayak Fishing Information Tips And All You Need To Know

Kayak Fishing Basics

Basic Requirements To Go Fishing From A Kayak With all the upsurge of interest in using kayaks for fishing inshore waters many anglers are keen to know the ins and outs of what is required to take up this exiting sport. There is a lot of information contained on the web, much of it from [...]

  • kayak-fishing-for-bass

Kayak Fishing For Bass

This article was written by forum member Iain Sellors and focuses on kayak fishing for bass using plugs and lures. What time of year to target bass from a kayak ? I usually start during the first weeks of June, weather permitting, if we are very lucky and get a settled spring it may be [...]

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  • thornback-ray

Kayak Fishing Rigs For Thornback Rays

After having quite a few successful sessions targeting Thornback Rays from the Kayak and also having a lot of interest from the shore fishing lads I thought I would put together of what rigs have worked for me. […]

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  • pollack fishing

How To Catch Pollack From A Kayak.

Nothing Fights Quite Like A Pollack. With the exception of a big Bass perhaps, nothing on the inshore waters fights quite like a pollack hooked in shallow water. The fight often starts slowly with the fish not quite sure whats going on. Then they see the kayak and wake up. Setting off like and exocet [...]

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  • kayak-fishing

Kayak Fishing For Conger

CONGER FISHING WITH OCEAN KAYAK A flotilla of colourful kayaks lined the shore at Mudeford Spit, Dorset on September 1st for the latest kayak fishing demonstration day supported by Johnson Outdoors UK. Following the day there was also going to be some serious kayak fishing because Richi Oliver of Extreme Kayak Fishing had organised a [...]

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Anchoring A Kayak

Forum member Dave Adamson describes his fool proof method for anchoring his kayak in strong tides. This method also allows for easy retrieval of your kayak anchor whilst the tide is still running strong. There are still a lot of the lads who are either unsure how to anchor or nervous of trying. Since changing [...]