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Hall Of Fame 2011 – Kayak, Shore & Boat Catches

So here they are, this years cream of the crop. All the best catches by our forums top anglers in 2011 are here. A list of all previous hall of fame years can be viewed here. [nggallery id=5] Shore Fishing Cod Rob Q – 14lb 8oz cod – River Humber – Picture Here – Read More Growler Rich […]

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Twenty Five Pound Kayak Cod From The South Coast

Well after a couple of years trying for a lunker today it happened  :cheesy:Fishing off Folkestone (South coast) using whole cuttle and 8/0 pennel rigs in 80ft of water had a few 6lbers then this come in at 23lb 12oz […]

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Summer Fishing For Pollack From A Kayak

A very good mate of mine is up visiting this week, he likes kayaking and he likes fishing but doesn’t get the chance to mix the two together. So with a slight break in the wind and permission from my brother to lend […]

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More Double Figure Pollack On The Yak

Just returned from a short but successful Pollock trip (well, for Ben anyway). We arrived at noon with the plan to fish jellyworms until slack then try and sourse some sandeels for livebaiting on the ebb. […]

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Kayak Fishing For Thornback Rays At Night

After our Thornback session last week myself and Matty fancied trying for them at night, so with the forecast ok it was time for our first kayak night session since 2009. We hit the water around 7.45pm, it was a bit […]

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Double Figure Pollack From Redcar Scars

myself, Sam and Scotty headed out this afternoon from sunny Redcar. The plan was to go livebaiting for pollack off the scaurs of redcar and a well known wreck. So we headed out to the soft ground […]

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Awesome Fly Fishing For Bass From A Kayak

A lovely couple of hours this morning. On the water for 06.00, I had hoped to be out by 05.30 but too much socialising with friends last night put me back a bit. :laugh: It was flat calm and hardly any water movement, […]


Tope Fishing In Wales

I spent 3 days in Wales fishing for Tope, and anything else for that matter that'd jump on my hook :D The weather has been rather crappy for the past 5-6 weeks and as a result I’ve not managed a single trip on the water. That’s been extremely frustrating to say the least, though I’ve [...]

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Kayak Cod Start To Show

Mike text me earlier today to say the weather and sea conditions were near perfect. We decided on a kayak session out of Sandsend and arranged to meet up not long after 5pm. We paddled out on the the South Hard grounds and fished hard for the first hour with little return. Remembering a little [...]


Kayak Fishing On A Foggy Bristol Channel

I only had to wait about ten minutes before one rod nodded over with a typical cod bite. The fish wasn’t large, though with the tide running hard the sport was pretty good. I didn’t take many photos this trip as was using my GoPro HD head cam and to be honest taking photos didn’t [...]

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Skate Fishing At The Sound Of Jura

Monday was a much better day and we were soon on the mark.Fishing was slow with only the odd knock ,then came the tell tell bite i said to nick here we go the rod lurched over i lifted into it and nothing :-X20 mins later and and fish on 2 mins later it had [...]

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River Severn Kayak Fishing

I made a last second decision to fish last night... I was sat there with a beer, just about to open it and decided fishing was a better option. A couple of frantic calls and bait was ordered and left in a dark corner to be collected out of hours. Launched into the Bristol Channel [...]