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  • Tope Fishing In Wales 2013

Tope Fishing In Wales 2013

With a brilliant opening to my tope season a few weeks ago I could not wait to get out for another go. Sadly due to weather and work commitments this had to wait a few weeks. After checking the weather forecast about every two minutes the last weeks it finally looked doable and plans were [...]

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  • Kayak Fishing At Skinnigrove

2013 Kayak Cod Fishing From Skinningrove

We aimed to anchor around New and Old Gut as we have both had some luck with cod around there. We were right on the edge between the soft and hard ground (at least I think we were as I am still not completely sure I understand my fish finder yet). After about 20 minutes [...]

  • 30lb Kayak Cod From Sandgate In Kent

3olb Kayak Cod From Sandgate In Kent

Sandgate in Kent seems to be knocking out some huge cod for local anglers Dan and Dave at the moment. Just this week they have caught fish to just over 20 lb and then one just nudging 30lb, no trick baits required down there.... all caught on cuttle fish.

  • Kayak Fishing At The Mull Of Galloway

Kayak Fishing At The Mull Of Galloway

Just got back from our yearly trip up The Mull Of Galloway we took the kayaks again this year and had our fingers crossed the weather would be kind and we would get out on them. All in all the weather was not to bad and we got out every day all tho some were [...]

  • Sea Trout - Kayak Fishing

PB Pollack And Sea Trout From The Kayak

The tactics today were to be lure fishing both hard and soft the action started almost Immediately with a couple of stonking Coalies around the 2lb mark and one going just a touch over at 2lb 2oz a new PB  

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  • personal best kayak pollack for mike marshall

A Personal Best Kayak Pollack For Mike

Another awesome nights fishing on the Kayaks out of Saltwick Bay. This ones a bit hardcore as it involves getting the kayaks down to the beach. We fished from 5-8.30pm catching roughly 100 Pollack between us. We all had pollack upto 7lb, bu t as usual Mike went one better and nailed the big one, [...]

  • Kayak Fishing For Pollack

Pollack Fishing From The Kayak.

With the wind set to increase by lunchtime today I figured I'd make the most of the last of the settled weather and head out on the kayak this morning. I was on the water just after 6am and was greeted by a nice calm, clear sea. Perfect for my target species, Pollock. Just how [...]

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  • 10lb kayak cod

A 10lb Kayak Cod – An Exclusive Club

To catch a 10lb cod is no easy task. A few of our forum members have managed this goal. See the pictures here on our kayak fishing forum. http://www.whitbyseaanglers.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=27556.0

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  • Flamborough-bass-fishing

A Personal Best Bass For Marion

Managed to get Marion out for a couple of hours plugging this afternoon & she kicked my ass again, warmed up with a few schoolies while I was struggling, then she bagged a new PB with a lovely fish of 5lb 12oz  

  • kayak fishing for thornback rays

Thornback Rays From Marske Nr Saltburn

With my first day off coinciding with a decent forecast for once I planned a pre dawn start with the hope of targeting Rays and another go at the elusive Tope I arrived at the launch site before dawn and was paddling out into the gloom I decided to troll a plug out to the [...]

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  • Wales Tope Fishing kayak-fishing-for-tope

Tope Fishing In Wales – Kayak Fishing Report

I can’t remember such a run a bad weather, the whole of April has basically been a write off. Sure, there was the odd short weather window, often measured

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  • plaice-fishing

Kayak Fishing For Plaice At Skerries Bank

I managed to sneak out to the Skerries bank last week on the kayak. Spent most of the session inshore due to the mist and fog, but later

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