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  • Sharks Sighted Off the Yorkshire Coast

Yorkshire Coast Shark Attacks

Sharks Spotted Stealing Anglers Fish Off The Yorkshire Coast Sea Anglers on The Yorkshire Coast are reporting an increase of Porbeagle shark sightings within the inshore waters. Earlier this summer (June 2014), Whitby charter boat anglers were amazed when a large Porbeagle Shark circled their boat and stole the fish they were catching [...]

  • Whitby Sea Anglers Hall Of Fame Catch Reports

Hall Of Fame 2014

Whitby Sea Anglers Hall Of Fame - Best Catches By Our Forum Members Hall Of Fame Archives - 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - All Time Once again we present you with another Hall Of Fame of our Fishing Forum Members. Throughout 2014 all the best catches [...]

  • Kayak Fishing In Norway

The Ocean Kayak Team Go To Norway

Two members of the Ocean Kayak UK Fishing Team, Ian Pickering,Tanglefoot, and I Keith Ward, Merryfisher, teamed up with respected (old) kayak angler Jim Marsh, Marshy, for a spring trip to Skarnsundet Fjordcentre, Norway. Jim celebrated his 65th in style whilst we were there. http://www.whitbyseaanglers.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=34218.0

  • 11lb pollack from ravenscar

11lb Pollack From Ravenscar

Trying an area that we hadn't before and this proved to be decisive, it didn't have much kelp on the ground and appeared to be quite featureless but within 5 minutes I was screaming like a school girl. Big fish on! This thing was taking line like a gud'un. It dived about 15 times before [...]

  • sea angling in baja mexico

Sea Fishing In Baja Mexico

Im currently on a fishing holiday in Baja Mexico, The fishing so far has been awesome. We have another attack on the yellowtails arranged for Tuesday so hoping for more sore arms. think the Margeritas are affecting my blog as well. I did try trolling my crystal minnows on the sea kayak and lost them [...]

  • Jackson Kayak Fishing Team Scarborough

Winter Kayak Fishing At Scarborough

Members of The Jackson Kayaks, Kayak Fishing Team launched at Scarborough recently and although it was cold the cod came pretty thick and fast.

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  • pollack fishing from kayaks

Kayak Fishing For Big Crocs

The first year myself and the lads got Kayaks we had one hell of a late season. One or 2 nights in particular stick in my mind from that year when we sat and watched big pollack and bass feeding off the surface on tiny shrimps. Thats year the fishing was awesome and we didnt [...]

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  • 2 14lb cod from blyth

Kayak Fishing At Blyth – Two double Figure Cod

Well it was about time my luck changed with a couple of 14lb fish from the hard ground. A great day out with the lads as always and we all had fish a bonus for me, but what I enjoyed about the fishing today was using a couple of old alvey boat reels that I [...]

  • ocean kayak fishing team

Positive Thinking Catches The Fish

Now with positive thinking in mind, Sunday turned out to be a fantastic day for me and a rather difficult day for the rest of the lads. We launched at Sandsend and fished in the bay for sandeels before having a go on the soft ground to see if we could pick and big flatties [...]

  • Kayak Fishing For Cod With Jiggers - A Bit Of everything

More Cod From The Kayak

Thankfully in the end they buggered off and I managed to get my gear on the bottom. The next hour resulted in codling after codling coming to the yak, the biggest going about 7lbs, some very nice fish indeed. Then the codlings seemed to die off.

  • Kayak fishing for cod and pollack on rock top with damo

Kayak Cod And Pollack From The Rough

Myself and Damo decided on the 4th launch in successive nights, tonight's destination was The Rock Top at Whitby, launching at Whithall Landings. We pulled the kayaks past the no fishing or swimming sign (Thank god it said no Kayaking or we would have been £ucked). 20 minutes later we were out at the bellbouy [...]

  • Kayak Fishing For Cod At Sandsend 2013

Kayak Cod Coming Thick And Fast At Sandsend

Last weekend we launched the kayaks and did a spot of fishing at Ravenscar and Kettleness. On both occasions the water was thick with algea and we never saw a fish on either occasion. One week later and we relocated to Sandsend. Although still green the water was much improved in clarity and it soon [...]

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