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  • Whitby Tide Tables For September

Whitby Tide Tables 2015

September Tide Tables At Whitby - Click To Enlarge October Tide Tables At Whitby November Tide Tables At Whitby December Tide Tables At Whitby Tide Times - North East Coast Hartlepool tide tables - 24 mins before Whitby Teesmouth - South Gare tide tables - 14 mins before Whitby Runswick Bay tide tables - 5 [...]

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  • soft plastic fishing lures for cod, bass, pollack and coalfish

Soft Plastic Fishing Lures – What To Look For

What to look for in a soft lure? Forget about price for a minute. The amount of times I hear ‘Well you can get loads on ebay for a couple of quid’. Yes you’ll catch the odd fish but when it matters you’ll be left with an empty box of fish while everyone else is [...]

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European Open Beach Fishing Championship.

European Open Beach Fishing Championship. Each year in March over 2000 sea anglers from across Europe descend on The Holderness Coast in the old East Riding Of Yorkshire. Debate this match on our forum here, or on our Facebook page here. The European Open Beach Fishing Championship has now become the largest shore fishing festival [...]

  • uk filthy beaches covered in rubbish Beach-litter-Brighton-Wor-006

Marine Conservation Society Beachwatch Big Weekend 2013

Cleaning Your Favourite Beach Will Make You Part Of A Global Marine Litter Movement International coastal clean-up could take place on your doorstep – are you ready to take it on? The UK’s leading marine charity is urging people who love the coast and enjoy nothing better than a barefoot stroll along the beach to [...]

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  • Lockwood Beck Record Rainbow Trout 18lb 04oz For Forum Member Miff

Lockwood Beck Record Rainbow Trout

Well its often said that certain anglers have what is known as the lucky Gene, and this certainly seems to be the case for Miff. After only four weeks of Fly Fishing he landed his personal best Rainbow trout of 18lb 04oz, which is also a new reservoir record for Lockwood Beck in North Yorkshire.

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  • sea angling fish size limits

Sea Angling Fish Size Limits

Sea Fishing - Fish Size Limits These are the official NFSA sizes. The Whitby Sea Anglers fishing club are conservation minded and fish to a larger size limit on some of these species. The 2 I can specifically think of are Bass - 41 cm and Whitbing 30cm. Please speak to a club official for [...]

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Surf And Weather Forecasts

Surf And Weather Forecasts For Whitby The surf and weather forecasts published here are for advice purposes only. Remember the sea is a dangerous place. Always check with the coastguard before setting sail and never rely on these forecasts alone. Your safety is your own responsibility so take steps to ensure you stay safe at [...]

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  • rsa strategy recreational sea angling

Recreational Sea Angling Strategy

Recreational Sea Angling Strategy Sea Angling Licence Gone - But Bag Limits And No Take Zones Still A Threat. RSA Strategy - Sea Angling Licence Abandoned The long time saga the RSA strategy continues. On the 19th March 2008, Only days before the RSA strategy consultation ends DEFRA's head man Jonathon Shaw announced that he [...]

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  • whitby fishing tackle shop

Whitby Tackle Shops

Tackle Shops In The Whitby Area Fishing Tackle Shops In Whitby If you are wanting to buy fishing tackle at Whitby, Scarborough, Redcar, Saltburn, Filey or Bridlington this page details the fishing tackle shops which can be found in each of those towns. There are 2 fishing tackle shops in Whitby itself: Both Whitby angling [...]

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  • sea angling clubs in the uk and north east of england

North East Coast Fishing Clubs

Fishing Clubs On The North East Coast Angling Clubs And Societies Saltburn Sea Anglers - Saltburn Fishing Club Saltburn Sea Anglers  fish all year round and have various different types of matches held on the north east coast between Whitby East Pier and South Gare at Teesmouth. Membership of Saltburn fishing club is £10 per [...]

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  • sea angling and fishing links

Sea Angling Links

Fishing Websites, Web Cams, Links & Reviews Whitby Charter Skippers Association. If you want to know about boat fishing at Whitby then this is the website for you. Lots of Information here including: a list of all the Whitby charter fishing boats, A list of the Whitby charter skippers and full contact details, Details of [...]

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  • river-side-cottage-whitby

Yorkshire Fishing Accommodation

Yorkshires Angler Friendly Accommodation Where To Stay When Fishing In Yorkshire This is a list of angler friendly accommodation in Yorkshire. If you own a holiday cottage, a hotel, B&B, campsite etc, and would like to advertise here free of charge then please use the form or email address at the bottom of this page [...]

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