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Shark Fishing

This is the first in a series of five articles about shark fishing written by local shark angler Rupert Drury who landed the first ever Shark caught at Whitby. These articles will give an insight into how to successfully target sharks off the north east coast of England. Although Rupert specifically talks about the north [...]

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Bass Fishing Methods

Five Ways To Catch A Bass The Best Methods For Catching Bass There are numerous methods to catch bass from the shore in the UK. This article will discuss the top methods favoured by successful bass anglers on our coastline Essential Further Reading Bass Fishing 101 UK BASS RECORD BROKEN Lure Fishing For Bass Which [...]

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Uptiding – Bait Fishing From Boats At Anchor

Great Fishing On Light Tackle Whilst At Anchor. Uptide boat fishing at anchor (uptiding) is one of the most productive and enjoyable methods of fishing for Cod and numerous other species like ling, conger, bass, tope and rays. The method involves casting a 6 ounce weight and a trace, baited with a variety of sea [...]

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