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Garmin GPS – GPSMAP 378 and 478

Garmin GPSMAP 378 and 478 Garmin Introduces World’s First Portable GPS Navigators With Pre-Loaded Land and Sea Cartography GPSMAP 478 OLATHE , Kan./March 27, 2006/PR Newswire — Garmin International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN), today announced the GPSMAP 378 and GPSMAP 478 – two amazingly versatile and portable GPS navigators that come [...]

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Princeton Tec Apex

Princeton Tec Apex The Very Best In LCD 3w Headlights With up to 60 Lumens of light output from a 3 Watt LED, the Apex is one of the most powerful LED headlamps in the world. It uses microprocessor technology to both regulate output and keep the user informed about useable battery life. Apex also [...]

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Mike Ladle Sure Spin

Mike Ladle Sure Spin The Mike Ladle sure spin was built by Daiwa and is thought to be the perfect spinning rod for artificial lure fishing with both plugs and spinners. Designed by the doctor of bass fishing himself "Mike Ladle" this rod has received top line endorsements from both the angling press and sea [...]

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Penn 535 Mag

The 535 mag from Penn is one of the strongest reels in today's market. This reel is quite simply indestructible and therefore an ideal choice foe shore anglers who fish the roughest of marks and conditions. The Penn 535has a retrieve ration of 6:1 making it ideal for heavy shore fishing and uptiding from a boat. It is constructed from graphite with an alloy spoll meaning the reel should never suffer from corrosion like many similar reels in its range.

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Muppet Rigs

Muppet Rigs For Cod Boat fishing and rig set up can be confusing to some beginners and understanding why on one day we catch and next day we don’t can be frustrating to anglers, and sometimes me included, Now I don’t profess to understand all that happens under the boat and while a simple hook [...]

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Razor Claw Hooks

Razor claw hooks are probably the sharpest fishing hook in today’s sea fishing market. There are several types of razer claw hooks on the market including the razer claw worm hook, eel hook, circle hook, and the Big bend hook. These hooks are very similar to those made by Variva’s and Sakuma.

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Calcutta Shads

Calcutta flashfoil Swim Shads Calcutta swim shads have taken the boat fishing scene by storm. In recent years the boat anglers out of the nations charter ports have been experimenting with these new lures from calcutta, and these anglers have certainly enjoyed what they have seen. Cod and Pollock seem to fall for shads with [...]

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Storm Shads

Storm Shads - WildEye Swim Shad Storm shads are the latest revolution to hit the boat fishing scene in the UK. Sea anglers from the length and breadth of the country are now raving about these new lures which catch fish like nothing seen before, and what's more fishing with shads is so easy - [...]

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Bill Colling Wins Sea Fishing Photography Competotion Sponsored By Spotty Dog Tackle Of Stockton Filey Angler Bill Colling took this photo in the Annual Filey Open Fishing Competition. The picture of 2 yorkshire coast anglers has won the November photography competition on the Whitby fishing forum beating many other excellent photos taken by the forum [...]

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