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Tenryu Bass Spinning Rod

Don't be taken in by its size, this little Bull Terrier of the plugging world is a lovely little bit of kit, light and easy to use, but will tame double figure bass at a glance. It is used here for boat plugging and shore fishing where surface lures are mainly used.

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The Shakespeare 'Salt' rucksack.

The Shakespeare 'Salt' rucksack. After owning and using a Shakespeare ‘Salt’ rucksack for 6 mths I’ve decided to put pen to paper and share my thoughts here. It’s aimed at the sea angler who needs to carry a fair amount of equipment for a lengthy session where a seat box would be impractical to carry. [...]

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Lenser H7 Headlights

This unique, dimmable AND focusable Led Lenser torch is ideally suited to exacting work where the ability to change brightness on a variable basis is a must. With a long burn time and super bright LED chip and lense technology you can be sure this fits the bill. This powerful torch comes complete with durable nylon pouch. The beam is visible up to 3000 Metres!

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Lowrance LHR-80 VHF And GPS

Floating, Handheld VHF Radio And GPS Enhanced with a built-in GPS receiver, the Lowrance LHR-80 is a full-featured, free-floating, handheld unit with the added convenience of a simple plotter with Great Circle waypoint navigation, man overboard functionality and storage for up to 500 waypoints. Offering the spot-on accuracy that sailors expect from Lowrance best-in-class GPS [...]

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Greys Impulse Fishing Rods

Greys Impulse Fishing Rods Greys Impulse - A Great Pendulem Casting Rod A brilliant pendulum-casting rod with a real user-friendly action for fishing at long range. Great tip sensitivity that delivers great bite detection. Ideal for serious match anglers who require the ultimate in performance and reliability. * Great casting action for soft baits and [...]

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Greys PZ Match

Greys PZ Match The latest technology is used in the design and development of all Greys Sea Rods. Only the finest quality materials and components are used to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Our confidence is such that we are the only sea rod company that offers a full unconditional lifetime warranty on all our [...]

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Greys Triplex Reviews

Shore rods that enables the average caster to reach exceptional distances with little effort. A smooth progressive action and superb balance in the hand makes this rod ideal for both multiplier and fixed spool use over a wide variety of marks. * Maximum distance with minimum effort * Extremely light and well-balanced * 3-piece construction [...]

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Greys Platinum GSI

Greys Platinum GSI The Platinum GSI has been designed without compromise and is ideal for the angler looking to achieve ultimate casting distances. The GSI has a fast action with increased power in the butt and progressively building throughout the tip section. This action is adaptable for all kinds of casting styles but particularly effective [...]

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MFA 3w Headlight

MFA 3w Headlight Provides approx 5-25 hrs of usable light from full charge - depending on switch mode. Auto cut-off to prevent battery exhaustion. 3 Digitally Controlled Brightness Levels, plus Flashing Mode. DC-DC Regulated Circuit provides maximum light output throughout battery life. Water Resistant. Flashing Mode for emergencies. No Bulbs • one powerful (80 lumens) [...]

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MFA 2 in 1 Headlight

MFA 2 in 1 Headlight MFA 2'n'1Dual Zoom Rechargeable Headlamp A complete rechargeable kit including the 2'n'1 Dual Zoom Headlamp, a curly coil lead with voltage dropper, a 6v 4ah sealed lead acid battery in a waist mounted splash proof battery pouch, plug in wall charger and spare bulbs. The battery will last for nine [...]

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Silva LX Headlamp

Silva LX Headlamp The top model in Silva’s LED headlamp range, with an impressive beam length of 75 metres, thanks to a 5-watt LED. Four light modes. The rechargeable battery can be attached to a belt, or put in a pocket or a rucksack. With this solution you avoid carrying the weight on your head [...]

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Invisible Fishing Weights

Invisible Fishing Weights Tulsa, Oklahoma - August, 20th 2008 - Avo Invents have developed the worlds first invisible and environmentally friendlier alternative to traditional lead fishing weights/sinkers. Our Invisible weights have been selling in the UK and Europe since the 1st September 2007, with great success, they were predominantly aimed at the carp angler, we [...]

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