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Varivas Saltwater Champions

Super chemically sharpened hooks. Reduce missed bites with this brilliant hook. Long shank, light but strong Gunmetal finish. Ideal for worm and fish strips baits. Very good beach and light boat hook. Varivas have now been in the UK market for over 10 years and sales are now well into the millions. This super sharp [...]

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Garmin Geko 301

Geko 301's built-in electronic compass tells you what direction you're heading, even when you're standing still. Its barometric altimeter pinpoints your precise altitude and even tracks pressure trends over the last 12 hours, so you can keep an eye on changing weather conditions.

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Imax Fishing Rucksack

The Imax sea fishing bag is Manufacturered from hardwearing polyester fabric with quality zips and fittings, removable metal internal surport bars and a strong reinforced base. The padded shoulder straps are adjustable and it is fitted with waist and chest straps to make it more comfortable to carry.

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Storm Swimmin Eel

Storm Swimmin Eel. This recent addition to the bass fishing scene is a dead cert for a big boy bass. The video is Australian but illustrates niceley the action of the storm swimmin eel. The Eeel is perfect for slow trolling or casting with a slow retrieve. This is the perfect artificial bass for the [...]

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Rapala CD11 Magnum Bass Fishing Lures

RAPALA are The lure manufacturing experts in the fishing world with over a 100 years of experience. The CountDown method allows anglers to consistently fish any depth with controlled, slow-sinking action. By “counting down” one foot per second when the lure hits the water, anglers can achieve their desired depth without guessing. Whether [...]

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Any Fish Anywhere Rock Rod

The Anyfish Anywhere 13' rock rod The AnyfishAnywhere 13' rock rod is the sort of rod that should scare any mild mannered beach angler. It is the sort of rod that is capable of landing just about anything that swims and is designed to do just one thing. A single minded rod for what is [...]

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