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Penn Torque 100

So as the title says I went for the new Penn Torque 100..having got on so well with the 525's I just had to have one of the heavily engineered new reels from the Penn stable. Afraid Sea Dangler appear to have got it wrong again though...again

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Rotten Bottom Rig

Using Rotten Bottom Rigs Rotten bottom rigs are an essential item for rock and rough ground fishing fishing. As with anything to do with fishing they sound rather technical and a lot more complicated than they actually are. I remember the first time someone mentioned  rotten bottom rigs to me and I wondered what on [...]

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Rotten Bottom Rigs

There are many variations of the rotten bottom rig. This pin and foam rig is one of the more widely used versions and thought by many to be the best as there are less components to get snagged up in the rocks, kelp and rough ground. The simplicity of this rotten bottom rig also means [...]

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Pulley Rig

Pulley Rig For Fishing Over Rocks And Ledges. If you are to fish over submerged rocks, boulders and steep ledges then the pulley rig is the one for you. This simple but effective rig means you can now fish in the roughest of grounds knowing that if you hook a fish you have a very [...]

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Whitby Tackle Shops

Tackle Shops In The Whitby Area Fishing Tackle Shops In Whitby If you are wanting to buy fishing tackle at Whitby, Scarborough, Redcar, Saltburn, Filey or Bridlington this page details the fishing tackle shops which can be found in each of those towns. There are 2 fishing tackle shops in Whitby itself: Both Whitby angling [...]

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Five Essential Beach Fishing Rigs

This excellent article about essential beach fishing rigs has been written for our sister site by local angler Mike Richards. The article shows five simple but very effective rigs for use over soft ground and beaches. The rigs described include : 2 Hook Cascade Rig, 2 Hook Wessex Rig, Pulley Pennel, Single Hook Clipped Down, [...]

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Ugly Stick Uptide Rod

The Shakespeare Ugly Stick Uptide Rod The rod is made up of 3 distinct layers. The tip section has a spiral core of high strength fibreglass and/or carbon. Then a spiral woven coat of glass fibre/high carbon tape with carbon fibres runs horizontally up the blank. The butt sections are made in the traditional rolled manner to give a faster, modern action. This produces a light, fast action blank, 35% stronger than normal rods and yet retains the classic clear tip in most cases.

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Penn 535 GS

a high speed casting reel is suited for casting, jigging, live bait fishing, or fast cranking lures. Precision machined stainless steel pinion gears and bronze alloy main gears make the 535GS more than a match for any fish. 4 aircraft quality ball bearings and a one way infinite anti reverse bearing provide ultra smooth performance.

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Sakuma Manta 540

These were the first, and in most anglers minds still the best, of all the Sakuma range to be imported into the UK. Their special wide gape and super sharp point makes then perfect for mounting bulky baits like crab, squid and mackerel. The smaller sizes are also ideal for fishing live sandeels for bass and pollack.

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Varivas Big Mouth Extra

Varivas Big Mouth XTRA Same pattern as the standard Big Mouth but made using 2X wire so they are even stronger but just as sharp. Perfect for boat fishing, uptiding and heavier shore work for smoothhound, big rays, cod, bass, tope etc. Sold in 30's

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Variva's Big Mouth

Top big bait hook for cod, bass, rays, smoothhounds etc. Ideal for sandeels, big worm baits, peeler crab, mackerel or squid. Wide gape, medium length shank with super sharp point. Voted "Top cod hook" by Alan Yates in Sea Angler Magazine Sold in 30's

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