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Any Fish Anywhere Match Rod

Any Fish Anywhere 13' 4" match rod The Match Angler is a certain breed. Week in week out, they meet in deserted car parks to go through the signing in ceremony. Then draw a peg and start the long walk to the small patch of ground that they’ll fish for the next six hours. Whatever [...]

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Any Fish Anywhere Big Beach Rod

Any Fish Any Where 14' big beach rod This rod differs to the 13ft version and not just because it’s longer, (hence the name Big Beach). Does that extra foot make a difference? In the past it made a big difference. Fourteen-foot rods used to be bigger, stiffer, manlier type jobs; rods for big hitters [...]

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Any Fish Any Where Estuary Rod

Any Fish Any Where Estuary Rod So what, exactly, is an Estuary rod? Well, it’s a bit of a tricky one, its not just a flounder rod, its not a Bass rod, it’s the sort of rod you use when you don’t want to cast a weight heavier than say, 3 or 4 oz’s. Now [...]

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Anyfish Any where Surf Rod

Any Fish Anywhere Surf Rod This is a proper beach rod, for proper beach fishing, just with lighter leads. So why did we call it a surf rod, and not a ‘Bass’ rod?  Well, it actually has got something to do with surfers. In the UK all surfers like big flat clean beaches. No rocks, [...]

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Greys BZE

Greys BZE Bass Ledger And Spinning Rod For bass, estuary and general light shore work – a rod ideal for all these situations and more. The latest technology is used in the design and development of all Greys Sea Rods. Only the finest quality materials and components are used to ensure optimum performance and reliability. [...]

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Salt Rod Holdall

Salt Rod Holdall The Salt Rod Holdall is one smart peace of kit well made strong load of room extreamly bright (no chance of loseing it on the beach reflective strips )plastic caseing on bottom extreamly strong ,theres a zip pocket on outside of holdall can take two reels at a push or 2 multipyers [...]

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Shakespeare K2 Red Metal

Shakespeare K2 Red Metal - A Casting Machine. This is beachcasting at its most advanced. Shakespeare have produced this rod in 14, 15 and 16 foot models. When they designed k2 red metal they had 1 thing only in mind - DISTANCE. Coupled with a fixed spool reel and light braid lines this rod gives [...]

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