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Ugly Stick Uptide Rod

The Shakespeare Ugly Stick Uptide Rod The rod is made up of 3 distinct layers. The tip section has a spiral core of high strength fibreglass and/or carbon. Then a spiral woven coat of glass fibre/high carbon tape with carbon fibres runs horizontally up the blank. The butt sections are made in the traditional rolled manner to give a faster, modern action. This produces a light, fast action blank, 35% stronger than normal rods and yet retains the classic clear tip in most cases.

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Any Fish Anywhere Rock Rod

The Anyfish Anywhere 13' rock rod The AnyfishAnywhere 13' rock rod is the sort of rod that should scare any mild mannered beach angler. It is the sort of rod that is capable of landing just about anything that swims and is designed to do just one thing. A single minded rod for what is [...]

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Greys Impulse Fishing Rods

Greys Impulse Fishing Rods Greys Impulse - A Great Pendulem Casting Rod A brilliant pendulum-casting rod with a real user-friendly action for fishing at long range. Great tip sensitivity that delivers great bite detection. Ideal for serious match anglers who require the ultimate in performance and reliability. * Great casting action for soft baits and [...]

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Greys PZ Match

Greys PZ Match The latest technology is used in the design and development of all Greys Sea Rods. Only the finest quality materials and components are used to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Our confidence is such that we are the only sea rod company that offers a full unconditional lifetime warranty on all our [...]

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Greys Triplex Reviews

Shore rods that enables the average caster to reach exceptional distances with little effort. A smooth progressive action and superb balance in the hand makes this rod ideal for both multiplier and fixed spool use over a wide variety of marks. * Maximum distance with minimum effort * Extremely light and well-balanced * 3-piece construction [...]

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Greys Platinum GSI

Greys Platinum GSI The Platinum GSI has been designed without compromise and is ideal for the angler looking to achieve ultimate casting distances. The GSI has a fast action with increased power in the butt and progressively building throughout the tip section. This action is adaptable for all kinds of casting styles but particularly effective [...]

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New Greys Apollo Mark 3

New Greys Apollo Mark 3 Greys Appollo Mark 3 Hits the Tackle Shops The new Greys appollo is now in the shops. The new Apollo rods have a slimmer parallel butt section and will feel a little crisper in use than the Apollo rods of the past to give greater lead control during the cast. [...]

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SONIK sk3 and sk4 Sea Rods

Sonik Sea Fishing Rods SONIK sk3 and sk4 Sea Rods are built for performance Available from September 2008, these stunning new shore rods are sure to make waves! Superbly finished, technically advanced and functionally correct, both ranges are at the cutting edge of modern sea rod design. Light and well balanced , these rods really [...]

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Greys Nitra

Greys Nitra A Great Rock Fishing Rod From Greys Grey's class this as a rough ground rod, I'd agree, its very stiff all the way to up the last quarter of the blank, which incidently is manufactured in the far east. (I wonder how many jobs went at Alnwick as a result). Overall the blank [...]

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Zziplex Dymic HST

Zziplex Dymic HST The Dymic HST (high speed tournament ) is a real powerhouse Has been cast over 300 yds many times on the field. Just proving the potential of this Immensely powerful rod .7ft6 Tip and unique 6 Fulcrom butt. Also suitable to heavy beach/rough ground rock work. This rod will pull your arms out and [...]

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Any Fish Any Where Beach Rods

Any Fish Anywhere 13' beach rod If you're not happy fishing, the chances are you are not going to catch anything. Now, rigs, baits and secret marks get written about every year, but the thing we never read about, arguably the most important thing, is ease of use. It may get a mention in hushed [...]

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