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  • penn and abu reel tuning

Abu And Penn Multipliers, How Best To Clean And Tune Them.

I know that from time to time the question crops up of how do I ‘tune’ my reel for fishing. It’s no dark art and any angler using a multiplier should be capable of a ‘fishing’ tune for their reel or reels.

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  • penn torque 100

Penn Torque 100

So as the title says I went for the new Penn Torque 100..having got on so well with the 525's I just had to have one of the heavily engineered new reels from the Penn stable. Afraid Sea Dangler appear to have got it wrong again though...again

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Penn 535 GS

a high speed casting reel is suited for casting, jigging, live bait fishing, or fast cranking lures. Precision machined stainless steel pinion gears and bronze alloy main gears make the 535GS more than a match for any fish. 4 aircraft quality ball bearings and a one way infinite anti reverse bearing provide ultra smooth performance.

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Penn 525 Mag

The Penn 525 Mag changed the face of the multiplier reel on the beach when it was launched. There was something about it that caught the anglers attention, and held it.

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Greys G-Mag Multiplier Fishing Reel

Greys G-Mag Multiplier Fishing Reel Brand new for 2008, Greys launch their first ever multiplier sea fishing reel. Technical Details Long distance casting performance Lightweight die-cast aluminium frame Stainless gear shaft Heavy duty brass and stainless gears Cetrifugal and magnetic breaking system In-board stainless spool bearings Super smooth carbon drag washers Carbon composite end plates [...]

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Shimano Charter Special 2000LD and 1000LD

Whitby Angling Supplies – Shimano Charter Special 2000LD and 1000LD Shimano Charter Special 2000LD / 1000LD Boat Multiplier. This is the perfect choice all-round reel for the UK based angler? Available in two sizes and featuring the somewhat unique combination of a lever drag, level wind and centrifugal brakes, this is one reel that is [...]

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Penn 535 Mag

The 535 mag from Penn is one of the strongest reels in today's market. This reel is quite simply indestructible and therefore an ideal choice foe shore anglers who fish the roughest of marks and conditions. The Penn 535has a retrieve ration of 6:1 making it ideal for heavy shore fishing and uptiding from a boat. It is constructed from graphite with an alloy spoll meaning the reel should never suffer from corrosion like many similar reels in its range.

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