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Fishing Braid – “Best Buy ?????”

What braided fishing line should I buy? (Part 1 of 2). It is not an exaggeration or overstatement to say that braided fishing line has revolutionised modern day sea angling. This is certainly true for many branches of boat / kayak angling, and increasingly so, for spinning and other shore casting techniques.  Braid first came [...]

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Megabass Zonk Gataride 120

The yoro-yoro is the slightly shallower diver of this fantastic Bass Lure The MEGABASS gataride and yoro yoro 120 offers excitment at many levels. Firstly, its articulated lip generates quite intense vibration up the line and rod especially at fast retrieval. Secondly, the water port on top of the body creates water displacement that a [...]

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Storm Chug Bug Bass Plug

Storm Chug Bug The Storm Chug Bug is yet another bass fishing lure that falls into the category of surface popper. As with all surface working lures the chug bug has the advantage of being fishable in shallow areas such as UK beaches, scaurs and rock ledges, this makes these lures the ideal choice for [...]

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Mending A Megabass Zonk Gatoride

One of the best bass plugs on the market is the megabass zonk gatoride. However despite the amazing bass catching potential of these lures they do have a tendency for the diving vein to snap off when they come into contact with the rocks. In this forum topic, Kester (Aka Buscuit lad) explains how to [...]

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Storm Kickin Eel

The kicking eel features a reinforced segmented body with a kickin tail, a durable soft plastic body rigged with a premium red VMC treble. The polycarbonate diving vane provides a very life like swimming action. 12cm - - 13g These eels look amazing and will produce bass when fished over shallow rock and sandy areas.

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Maria Fake Bait

They feature Maria's moving weight system for improved casting distance and perfect fishing balance. The lip is designed for extra shallow diving (6'' to 12'') and a slow steady retreive gets the lure working just sub surface. Extra shallow divers can at times be deadly for bass and this lure could fill the gap left by the sadly missed Jointed Thunder Stick

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