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TELL THEM NOTHING SAYS RSA-UK.ORG, Here Here Says Whitby Sea Anglers.

KEEP OUR SEA FISHING FREE - Defend Sea Angling…. Tell them nothing! RSA-UK recently launched a campaign to highlight the risks of taking part in Defra’s data gathering scheme, Sea Angling 2012, which aims to find out how many fish sea anglers catch, how many they release and how much money they spend. The collection [...]

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Celebrating the Firth of Clyde

From Seamill to Stranraer and Inveraray to Erskine, the Marine Conservation Society launches Clyde Marine Week The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has announced a week long festival to highlight the biodiversity, natural heritage and recreational opportunities of a large part of the west coast of Scotland. The largest area of sheltered deep water in the [...]

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Representatives Required For IFCAS In North East And North West

People interested in shaping the management of inshore fisheries and conservation of the Northumberland and North West coasts of England are being encouraged to apply to join the areas’ inshore fisheries and conservation authorities (IFCAs). The IFCAs, of which there are 10 around the English coastline, are responsible for the sustainable management of sea fisheries [...]

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Cockle Collecting Banned In Teesside Area

Related Reading Chinese Cockle Pickers - Health And Safety Alert Whitby Fishing Forum - Cockle Pickers Topic NOTICE under section 157 Marine and coastal Access Act 2009. North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority in exercise of the powers conferred upon it under section 157 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 hereby provides [...]

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Gordon Ramsey Says Stop Shark Finning

Get Your Poster Here Angling Times is this week calling on its army of readers to be help save sharks from the cruel and unsustainable practice of shark finning. Following Channel 4s screening of Gordon Ramsay's Shark Bait programme - a shock documentary that was part of the national Fish Fight campaign - we're calling [...]

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Hugh’s Big Fish Fight – Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's big fish  fight has certainly stirred emotions. From Housewife to angler, everyone is saying the same - "Discards must stop". However, it appears that not many people, Hugh included, have given much thought to what is going to replace the current system, which coincidentally is one that has brought several fish species [...]

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Angling Trust Jump On Hughs Fish Fight Band-Waggon

Over £600 million is spent annually by recreational sea anglers in England and Wales supporting an industry of over 19,000 jobs. The limited number of fish species upon which this expenditure depends accounts for only £30.3 million to commercial fishing. Sea anglers are direct stakeholders in fish resources and The Angling Trust has joined the [...]

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