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  • The new Prowler Elite 4.1 is an upgraded version of the best selling Prowler 13 Angler

Brussels Wants Our Sea Bed

Hidden in an amendment within a huge report on the EU’s Common Fisheries policy, UKIP has discovered an attempt by Brussels to seize control of the UK seabed, owned by the UK Crown: A power grab that should trigger a UK Referendum. The vast majority of the mineral rich seabed, inside the 12 mile limit [...]

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  • Britain will oppose proposals to curtail cod catches in the North Sea next year

2013 Cod Quota – UK To Oppose Cuts

Britain will oppose proposals to curtail cod catches in the North Sea next year Britain will oppose proposals to curtail cod catches in the North Sea next year. Environment minister Richard Benyon last week pledged to vote against moves to make further restrictions in the time that fishermen spend at sea, and promised [...]

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  • marine-conservation-parks-for-scotland

Special Areas of Conservation For Scotland

The Marine Conservation Society commends proposals for five new offshore Special Areas of Conservation The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) today welcomes the Scottish Government’s announcement that five new European Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) will be designated in offshore waters adjacent to Scotland. The list of sites includes Hatton Bank, which will be Europe’s largest [...]

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  • Porbeagle Sharks Must Be Returned

Porbeagle Sharks Are Protected

Since 2010, commercial fishermen in the EU have been prohibited from landing porbeagle sharks. When accidentally caught, the species must be returned to the sea and, wherever possible, they should be released unharmed.

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  • commercial fishing discards

Commercial Fishing Discards Virtually Eliminated

Discards – where fish are thrown away at sea – have been virtually eliminated by fishermen taking part in current trials, according to the latest catch quota report from the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).

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  • Whitby Trawler Skippers Prosecuted

Whitby Boat Skippers Prosecuted For Illegal Fishing

Jan 23, 2005 Almost an entire fishing port's trawler fleet has been fined over £122,800 for breaching government fishing regulations and putting stocks at risk. Ten North Yorkshire trawler captains - 90% of  Whitby's fleet - were in the dock at Hull Crown Court after pleading guilty to 55 charges. The men, who earn between [...]

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  • Whitby Sea Anglers Association Fishing Club Results

Whitby Fishing Club 2012 – 2013 Results And Positions

We apologise once again for the lateness in publishing the results. As usual The Whitby Fishing Club have made it very difficult for anyone wishing to publish and debate their catches, sadly we do not see this changing in the near future.

  • whitby sea anglers fishing club

Whitby Fishing Club – Whacker Celebrates 50 Years

THE president and longest-serving member of Whitby Sea Anglers Association was honoured at the club’s presentation evening on Good Friday 2012. After 50 years with the association 67-year-old William “Whacker” Atkinson has lost none of his competitive nature and said: “As long as I can get down them cliffs I will still be fishing. “I’ve [...]

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  • North Sea Cod Putting The Record Straight

North Sea Cod – Setting the Record Straight

North Sea Cod Putting The Record Straight An article in last weekend's Sunday Times (16 September 2012) incorrectly claimed that "fewer than 100 mature cod are left in the North Sea". Such a statement is wrong even though the cod stock does remain severely depleted. The briefing Cefas gave the Sunday Times journalist [...]

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  • Illegal Fishing

Illegal Seafood In Restaurants

The catering industry risks purchasing unsafe, poor quality or illegal seafood if they do not check it has come from a reputable supplier, government bodies have warned. The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and Food Standards Agency (FSA) together with the British Hospitality Association are asking caterers to check whether the seafood they purchase can be [...]

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  • uk basking shark

UK Basking Sharks – Have You Seen Any ??

UK Baksing Shark Leaping Sharks The Size Of Buses Launch The Start Of The Basking Shark Spotting Season. Breaching animals already seen off UK coast Sightings of Britains largest fish, the enigmatic basking shark, have increased in recent weeks in UK waters says the Marine Conservation Society (MCS). 40 sharks have so far [...]

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  • 10lb kayak cod

A 10lb Kayak Cod – An Exclusive Club

To catch a 10lb cod is no easy task. A few of our forum members have managed this goal. See the pictures here on our kayak fishing forum.

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