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Locker Trawlers In Discards Research Project

Fishermen demonstrate almost zero discards in latest MMO trial Date issued: 18 June 2013 Reference: 03/13 Discards – where fish are thrown away at sea – have been virtually eliminated in some species by fishermen taking part in current trials, according to the latest catch quota report from the Marine Management Organisation (MMO). The report, [...]

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UK Basking Sharks – Numbers Low So Far

Chilly UK seas could be keeping basking sharks away In 2013 Slow start to spotting season as plankton fails to bloom in cooler waters Basking sharks, which can grow to the size of a double decker bus, appear to be giving UK seas the cold shoulder probably because the water temperature here is lower than [...]

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Bluefin Tuna Caught Off Devon

Catch of bluefin tuna confirmed off Devon Marine officers from the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) have identified a tuna recently caught off the coast of Devon as a bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus). The fish is being retained by the MMO while the catch is investigated. It is being appropriately stored while our work is ongoing. [...]

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Commercial Fishermen – Pingers To Avoid Dolphins

Use of pingers by vessels over 12 metres to avoid Dolphin and Cetacean Bye Catch The Marine Management Organisation is advising the fishing industry of forthcoming implementation of an EU regulation that aims to reduce cetacean by-catch. Fishing vessels 12 metres and over in length should begin to take appropriate steps to ensure they meet [...]

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Plastic And Litter On Our Beaches

Our Passion For Plastic Is Leaving A Legacy Of Litter On Britain’s Beaches, Says UK’s Leading Marine Charity 14th May 2013 Plastic vies for space in the sand alongside sweet wrappers, cigarette stubs and drinks bottles as our beaches reveal anti-litter campaigns are now falling on deaf ears Plastic bits and pieces made up almost [...]

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Advice Remains – Dont Eat Mackerel

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has refined its ratings for mackerel to help consumers better differentiate between the various fisheries involved in catching this once-sustainable seafood favourite. With the Faroe Islands and Iceland still continuing to set mackerel quotas outside of international agreements and scientific advice, MCS has separated out these fisheries to [...]

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Isla S Illegal Scallop Fishing

Ayr-registered fishing vessel Isla S (DS1) - Undersized scallop catch costs vessel owners over £29,000 Lewes Crown Court today (Thursday 1 May) ordered a fishing vessel owner to pay over £29,000 and the master £500 after finding them guilty of retaining 8.8 tonnes of undersized scallops. The court heard that on 4 September 2012 the [...]

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Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall – The New Fish Fight

The government has proposed to create just 31 of 127 marine conservation zones recommended to it for English waters in an £8m consultation that took over two years and involved tens of thousands of people. We need far more. If the network were implemented in full and protected from dredging and trawling, it would help turn around the state of our seas and recover lost fisheries productivity. This is a historic opportunity that we must grasp today. If we drag our heels much longer, there will be little left to protect.

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Marine Conservation Zones For Uk Waters

The UK's sealife will be protected by 31 new conservation zones aimed at preventing trawling and dredging destroying life on the ocean floor, under plans announced by the government on Thursday. But ministers rejected advice to create 127 zones, including all the areas where no activity would have been allowed, leading campaigners to describe the [...]

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An End To Discards For Eu Fishermen

This article titled "MEPs vote to ban discards in historic reform of fishing policy" was written by Fiona Harvey, environment correspondent, for The Guardian on Wednesday 6th February 2013 17.04 UTC The European parliament voted on Wednesday to ban the wasteful practice of throwing away healthy fish at sea in a victory for campaigners and [...]

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