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Stella Polaris – Shoreham Illegal Fishing

The court heard that the Stella Polaris UK22 was inspected on 10 October 2014 by the Navy fisheries enforcement vessel HMS Mersey some 40 miles south-east of Shoreham. The total catch of 16 tonnes of mixed species, including 13 tonnes of haddock, was investigated and the vessel was detained to the port of Shoreham. The [...]

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TN Trawlers Christopher Nicholson William Anderson Illegal Fishing

Owner and masters charged with fisheries offences The owner and masters of an over-10-metre fishing vessel were ordered to pay almost £35,000 for multiple offences of failing to submit landing declarations and completing logbooks as well as a health and safety violation for failure to maintain a boarding ladder to a safe standard. TN Trawlers, [...]

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Gleaner II – David Hill & Tommy Finn Illegal Fishing

Debate this story here. A master and vessel owner were ordered to pay £12,240 in fines and costs by Truro Magistrates’ Court on 23 January 2014 for fisheries offences relating to illegal net meshes and codends and for failing to complete an accurate electronic log. In February 2013 the Gleaner II (CN777) was boarded by [...]

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  • illegal fishing, Undersized scallop catch costs vessel owners over £29,000 Lewes Crown Court today (Thursday 1 May) ordered a fishing vessel owner to pay over £29,000 and the master £500 after finding them guilty of retaining 8.8 tonnes of undersized scallops.

Isla S Illegal Scallop Fishing

Ayr-registered fishing vessel Isla S (DS1) - Undersized scallop catch costs vessel owners over £29,000 Lewes Crown Court today (Thursday 1 May) ordered a fishing vessel owner to pay over £29,000 and the master £500 after finding them guilty of retaining 8.8 tonnes of undersized scallops. The court heard that on 4 September 2012 the [...]

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Whitby Boat Skippers Prosecuted For Illegal Fishing

Jan 23, 2005 Almost an entire fishing port's trawler fleet has been fined over £122,800 for breaching government fishing regulations and putting stocks at risk. Ten North Yorkshire trawler captains - 90% of  Whitby's fleet - were in the dock at Hull Crown Court after pleading guilty to 55 charges. The men, who earn between [...]

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Illegal Seafood In Restaurants

The catering industry risks purchasing unsafe, poor quality or illegal seafood if they do not check it has come from a reputable supplier, government bodies have warned. The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and Food Standards Agency (FSA) together with the British Hospitality Association are asking caterers to check whether the seafood they purchase can be [...]

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Illegal Fishing Skippers In Court

This article titled "Fishing skippers and factory fined nearly £1m for illegal catches" was written by Severin Carrell, Scotland correspondent, for The Guardian on Friday 24th February 2012 18.26 UTCAn inquiry into the UK's largest fishing scandal has uncovered "serious and organised" criminality by Scottish trawlermen and fish processors in an elaborate scam to illegally [...]

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Cockle Collecting Banned In Teesside Area

Related Reading Chinese Cockle Pickers - Health And Safety Alert Whitby Fishing Forum - Cockle Pickers Topic NOTICE under section 157 Marine and coastal Access Act 2009. North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority in exercise of the powers conferred upon it under section 157 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 hereby provides [...]

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Irelands Bass Fishing Under Threat

Ever since 1990 Ireland's bass have been conserved by a set of laws which completely protects the species from commercial fishing, whilst allowing anglers to take only 2 fish each within any 24 hour period. This sportfishery approach has reaped many benefits for the Irish, with anglers from right across Europe coming to take advantage [...]

Richard Brewer Whitby Trawler Skipper Fined For Illegal Fishing

Whitby Trawler Skipper Richard Brewer To Pay £6000 For Ignoring Cod Recovery Laws The skipper and owner of the Whitby Fishing trawler Copious was ordered to pay a total of £6630 by magistrates at Scarborough on February 20th. Skipper Richard Brewer, 55, of Mulgrave Road, Whitby, and his company Arrivain Fishing Co., also of Whitby, [...]

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Illegal Bass Netting In Nursery Areas

Chichester, Portsmouth and Poole Harbour Bass Poaching In recent times our government have set up bass nursery areas where it is illegal to catch bass from a powered vessel. However an alarming report from the south of the country claims the current laws are all but unenforcable, and bass poaching takes place from the nursery [...]

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Illegal Mullet Netter Fined – Dorset Pier Poacher

Dorset Pier Poacher Brought To Court A fisherman who fixed an illegal net to a Dorset pier was today ordered to pay £815 in fines and costs in a case brought by the Environment Agency. Ah Chan claimed he was out to catch mullet when he set a monofilament gill net at Lake Pier, Hamworthy [...]

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