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Gordon Ramsey Says Stop Shark Finning

Get Your Poster Here Angling Times is this week calling on its army of readers to be help save sharks from the cruel and unsustainable practice of shark finning. Following Channel 4s screening of Gordon Ramsay's Shark Bait programme - a shock documentary that was part of the national Fish Fight campaign - we're calling [...]

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Hugh’s Big Fish Fight – Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's big fish  fight has certainly stirred emotions. From Housewife to angler, everyone is saying the same - "Discards must stop". However, it appears that not many people, Hugh included, have given much thought to what is going to replace the current system, which coincidentally is one that has brought several fish species [...]

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  • bluefin tuna

Huge bluefin tuna fetches record price in Tokyo, but whale is left on the shelf

Japanese consumers' raw demand for endangered species remains strong as experts warn of dangerously low global stocks

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Hugh’s fish fight takes Tesco to task

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's new fishing campaign appears to have scored an early hit. How important to you is sourcing and sustainability when you buy fish?

• Livechat: Hugh will be on WoM on Wednesday lunchtime

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  • bass_gill_net

Subtidal Commercial Bass Fishery Planned For Flamborough Area

Now Is The Time To Act The regions bass anglers have until the 3rd of  December 2010 to save the regions bass stocks from commercial netting. North Eastern Sea Fisheries Committee have announced plans to allow netting of sea bass within the intertidal zone (ie close to the shore) within the area of Flamborough head [...]

By |November 18th, 2010|Bass Fishing, Commercial Fishing, Featured|16 Comments
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UK fishing industry report available online

Date issued: 30 September 2010 Reference: 15/10 The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) publishes its annual UK Sea Fisheries Statistics for 2009 today. This important fisheries management tool includes detailed data about the UK fishing fleet, the number of fishermen and the quantity and value of fish landings, imports and exports. The statistics will influence and [...]

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  • Angel-shark

Angel Shark Given To Natural History Museum

MMO staff give rare shark to Natural History Museum MMO Marine Officer, Pete Edwards from the Plymouth office handing over the rare angel shark to staff from the Natural History Museum. Photo courtesy of BBC Devon. Marine Management Organisation marine officers in Plymouth recently discovered a rare angel shark while inspecting fish market sales. The [...]

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  • Pair Trawling

Fishing Fleet Working 17 Times Harder Than 1880s To Make Same Catch

The UK trawl fishing fleet has to work 17 times harder to catch the same amount of fish today as it did when most of its boats were powered by sail, according to new research.

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  • Irealand-Bass-Fishing

Irelands Bass Fishing Under Threat

Ever since 1990 Ireland's bass have been conserved by a set of laws which completely protects the species from commercial fishing, whilst allowing anglers to take only 2 fish each within any 24 hour period. This sportfishery approach has reaped many benefits for the Irish, with anglers from right across Europe coming to take advantage [...]

British sea bed "trawled into a wasteland"

22.06.09 British sea bed "trawled into a wasteland" From The Sunday Times - Jonathan Leake, Environment Editor Though still an island, Britain is now surrounded by desert. New research has shown that repeated trawling has turned much of the sea bed around the UK into a barren wasteland. Scientists using deep sea photography and painstaking [...]

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Altaire Lands 2000 Tonnes Of Mackerel In Norway

EUR 2 million mackerel catch in two days The Scottish pelagic trawler Altaire yesterday sold a catch of 2,000 tonnes to Norway Pelagic mackerel. Paid around NOK 10,000 (EUR 1,060) per tonne, the total value of the fish was approximately EUR 2.1 million. The Altaire is just one of six Scottish vessels that have reported [...]

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