Fishing At Ravenscar

Fishing At Ravenscar. Ravenscar is one of the top fishing venues on the north east and has produced many double figure cod over the years. This article offers information on the fishing venues at Ravenscar. So I finally got my ass in gear and got my digital camera to take with me when I go [...]

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Holderness Coast Fishing Marks

Fishing Marks On The Holderness Coast. If anyone has any pictures of these Holderness coast fishing marks please could you forward them to me at the email address at the bottom of this page. Sea Fishing At Bridlington Shore angling at Bridlington is not sparkling and it tends to be limited to fishing from the [...]

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Fishing At Scarborough

SCALBY MILLS Scalby Mills is where the worthwhile marks are the 'Bulge' on the promenade and the New Wall which are best from half ebb to half flood. FISHING AT SCARBOROUGH MARINE DRIVE IS EXCELLENT Moving South we come to the well known MARINE DRIVE at Scarborough. The first marks here are Shop hole and [...]

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North East Fishing Marks

Fishing Between Saltwick And Jacksons Bay Article by Pete Bayes and the late Alec Baines Sandsend - One Of The North East's Finest Fishing Marks Relaxing fishing can be enjoyed from the sea wall and car park at Sandsend, codling, whiting, bass and coalfish make up the majority of winter catches. During Summer the mainstay [...]

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Fishing Marks

Fishing Marks South Gare To Sandsend Fishing At South Gare Its very clear to see how the pier at the South Gare at the mouth of the Tees is rated as one of the top fishing venues on the north east coast. The end of the Gare has very deep water even at low tide [...]

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Fishing At Saltwick Bay

Another excellent area of our coastline for the budding sea angler is Saltwick Bay. Access to this mark is pretty easy and involves a moderate decent from the cliff top car park down onto the beach below, from where you can access all the marks at varying stages of tide. Saltwick Bay holds something for [...]

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