Whitby West Pier – Big Seas Bring Big Cod

Related Reading On Whitby West Pier 16lber For Paul Kilpatrick Forum Topics For Whitby Piers Whitby West Pier Facebook Page Fishing On Whitby's West Pier Cod, Pollock, Mackerel And So Much More. The Stone wall piers at Whitby have been in existence since 1632 when they replaced the old wooden piers that used to protect [...]

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Fishing At Boulby

Of all the marks on the North East Coast perhaps no-where is more well known and talked about than the set of marks at Boulby. Marks such as the Boiler hole and Boulby Gulley are amongst the more well known marks here, but there is so much more to the area with a multitude of [...]

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Long Hole Cliff Decent

Jellyworm and me are trying to learn the marks on the north cheek of RHB at the moment. We like the mark because it offers a good variety of marks within the mark, however it is a frustrating place to learn and establising how the fish move around is not proving easy !! Also the [...]

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River Humber Fishing Marks

The River Humber is one of the largest in the UK. The river itself is home to a multitude of fishing marks where the keen angler can locate most of the UK sea fish such as Cod, bass, wrasse, flounder, plaice, soles and even mullet. This excellent article outlines most of the main marks within [...]

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Fishing Flamborough Cliffs

There are several small banks to fish off within 100 yds or so of  Arches. the first I know of being above  tottlebinks from the cliffs a high water spot as on medium to big tides the  binks  uncover and can be fished by walking on from Silex Bay. Read More.........

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Fishing At Kettleness

Fishing At Kettleness A Big Cod Fishing Mark Just like Runswick and Port Mulgrave, the fishing marks at Kettleness are considered to be some of the very best in the region. Kettleness is, in every sense of the word, a big cod mark. Over the years there has been more double figure cod taken from [...]

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Fishing Filey Brigg

Filey Brigg - An Exceptional Fishing Venue. Beware, this venue just like all Rock fishing venues can be very dangerous. Do not think of fishing Filey Brigg without the help and guidance of someone who has fished there before. Filey Brigg is notoriously dangerous and largely in accessible to most anglers except those with local [...]

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Scaling Dam

Fishing For Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout And Pike. Northumbrian Water - Scaling Dam Scaling can be found on the A171 roughly half way between Whitby and Guisborough. A very small area at 42 hectares (105 acres). Scaling Dam is also relatively shallow and is only 9 metres at it's deepest. Scaling is stocked with rainbow [...]

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Sandsend Car Park

Fishing At Sandsend Car Park The car Park in Sandsend is one of the easiest fishing venues on the Yorkshire coast. If you want to fish from your car boot then this is the place for you. When Can I Fish And What Can I Catch ? Best fishing times are usually over high water [...]

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Steetley Pier

Steetley Pier - Fishing At Hartlepool. Steetley pier at Hartlepool is one of the north east's top fishing marks for a range of species including: cod, whiting, whiting, mackerel, flounder and coalfish. The best months for Mackerel fishing at Steetley pier are May Through August although in recent seasons the prolonged summers have seen mackerel [...]

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