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Best Cod Fishing Baits – The Top 10

Top 10 Cod Fishing Baits - In No Particular Order 1. Number 1 The Peeler Crab - The Number 1 Cod bait. 1. Number 1 bait whilst fishing for cod on the north east coast has to be the peeler crab. One, Two or even Three common shore or velvet peeler crabs whipped onto a [...]

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Keeping Peeler Crabs – Tips and Tricks

This article will cover the fairly untouched subject of keeping peeler crabs in tanks using filtered sea water which reduces the work necessary to keep healthy crabs to use for your bait. I love fishing with Peeler crabs and it is one of the countries top fishing baits for many species including cod, bass, flounder, [...]

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Bait Collecting & The Importance Of Quality Bait !!

This article - Bait Collecting & The Importance Of Quality Bait !! is mainly for the anglers that are new to sea angling, I dont want to come across as if i am telling people how things should be done, as we all do things different there is no right or wrong way just thought [...]

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Only One Type Of Lugworm ? For many years when you read a typical guide to the sea shore there appeared various pictures of marine worms usually with a picture of a lugworm with the Latin name Arenicola marina. The better books also mentioned a tail-less type of lugworm Arenicolides ecaudata. What was never mentioned [...]

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Problems With Fishing Bait Freezers

The problems start once the temperature outside the fridge drops close to or below what the fridge thermostat is set at then the compressor stops as it has no need to cool the fridge compartment. As a result the freezer temperature starts to rise as the compressor is not operating. The first you know about [...]

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Freezing Peeler Crabs

Freezing Peeler Crabs By Ian Alexander Firstly I bring my crabs on until they are just starting to split as in the photo. I only peel good crab, any that are dead I throw away and any that have hairy legs are also discarded. Hairy legs is when you snap the leg from a dead [...]

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Collecting Peeler Crab

Finding Peeler Crabs On The Shore So many times I hear people say they went peelering but were unable to find any peeler crab. What instantly comes to mind for me is that they were likely looking in the wrong area. On the shoreline of the open sea (this does not apply to estuaries) peeler [...]

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Bill Costin’s Scarborough Tackle Shop

Anyone who knows sea angling in Yorkshire knows Bill Costin who runs the local tackle shop in Scarborough. Bill has fished the north east coast for as long as he cares to remember and boasts many great catches from both shore and boat. In more recent times Bill has turned his attentions to his Scarborough [...]

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Bass Fishing With Baits | Graham Hill & Henry Gilbey

Henry Gilbey and Graham Hill Go bass fishing in Ireland with baits. Peeler crabs, sandeels, squid and worms are all used to tempt bass whilst fishing the Irish coastlines famous sandbars.

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Using Peeler Crabs – Tips Video

An excellent video by sea angling guru Alan Yates. Peeler crab is the top bait for shore fishing in the United Kingdom. This video gives tips on how to find, keep, prepare and fish with peeler crabs. The peeler crab has immense pulling power and will draw fish from far and wide to feed on [...]

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Funny Rock Fishing

Rock Fishing Video Sea Fishing For Cod This video shows the north east sense of humour at its best. Two north east coast rock anglers set about making a spoof tips video and this is the end result. Listen to the camera man laugh as his mate teaches us the art of rock fishing for [...]

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White Ragworm

With the amount of effort and time involved in digging white ragworm it is essential that you keep it in tip top condition until you require it for use. The times when you require your white ragworm may be well into the future but with a few simple steps it will be able to ensure [...]

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