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Kayak Fishing Teams – Ocean, Jacksons And Kaskazi.

I was lucky enough to join the Jackson Kayak team a few months ago, I guess some things will change where as some things won't. To a certain extent it is business as usual, go fishing and write a report as normal. http://www.whitbyseaanglers.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=32998.0

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Kayak Anglers – Stealing Charter Skippers Readings

I was recently told that Kayak anglers have been coming to Whitby, going on the Charter Boats and using GPS to gather the skippers marks. This is bang out of order. If you are a booking a trip at Whitby to get marks you should at least be polite and ask the skipper if he [...]

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Ocean Kayak Fishing Team

Would you like to fish for the new Ocean kayak Fishing Team ?? well here's your chance. team ocean kayak are asking for new members. http://www.whitbyseaanglers.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=32602.0

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Extreme Sea Fishing On The Yorkshire Coast

North Sea kayaks. Helen Hutchinson investigates the intense and competitive world of extreme fishing on the Yorkshire coast A growing number of brave hearts are now catching cod off the Yorkshire coast in kayaks. Indeed it is becoming so popular that Runswick Bay is holding a kayak fishing festival every summer. The impulse that drives [...]

  • Isle Of Skye Sea Fishing At Neist Point

Isle Of Skye Sea Fishing

Isle Of Skye Sea Fishing. As you head through the Glencoe mountain range and descend onto the Isle Of Skye at The Inner Hebrides, you know you have come to somewhere very special indeed.

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  • Dead Minke Whales Washing Up On Beaches

Third minke whale found dead on UK shores

Cause of death unknown for all three whales found this week, the latest of which was found stranded at Sea Palling, Norfolk

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Dont Eat North Sea Cod Its Endangered

For Cod’s Sake – North Sea Cod Remains Off The Menu Despite Huge Efforts To Improve Stocks Marine Conservation Society urges consumers to choose a different accompaniment to chips The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has not changed its advice on North Sea cod in the latest version of its sustainable seafood guide – fish caught [...]

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The Stealth Tax That Says To Hell With North Sea Cod Stocks

Through the government body Seafish, the public is paying lobbyists to torpedo a campaign to protect the natural world

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  • Hawsker Cod Fishing

Hawsker Cod Fishing – A 14lber For Rob

Reports coming through from Whitby Angling Supplies Facebook that Lobsterman has just had a 14lber from Hawsker bottoms. Well done rob on an awesome catch.

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Kettleness Big Cod For Matty

I missed bite first cast , then bowesy and jape joined me. Next cast a mop codling, followed by another one not long after. As the big flat rocks started to show i had another bite, struck into it and knew it was a better fish. After a few hairy moments when i thought it [...]

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So You Want To Be A Successful Winter Cod Angler

So many times now I have seen very similar question's asked on our sea angling forum - "Why are some anglers more successful than others when it comes to winter cod fishing" Well there is no short answer to that, and most certainly the main factor is experience. You must remember that many of the [...]

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Sea Bass Joins List Of Threatened Fish

Scientists urge restrictions on fishing as stocks of the species sink to their lowest in the past 20 years

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