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  • Robin Hoods BAy 083

Whitby Fishing Club 2013 -2014 Results

Whitby Fishing Club Still Holding Back On Thier Results. But those bass club boys, well they just don't care !! Im sure most of you are aware of the ongoing situation with the local sea angling club here in Whitby. For the past few years we have been unable to print their results [...]

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  • Cod Fishing At Bempton - Whitby Fishing Club 157

Bempton Season Kicks Off

Mark again kicked ass with 4 or 5 cod and 2 doggies all caught on straight squid. Shep had managed 4 (probably his best ever bag ?) and again he had fished squid. Mike had took 5 on crab, whilst Dan and Damo had 2 each and Faron had managed to squeeze one out last [...]

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  • Paul Lobley 10lb Cod From Cowbar Jetty

The 50 Cod Challenge 2013

Quite simple. The challenge is to catch fifty cod from the shore between 1st October and the end of December. No size limits just remember to return all undersized fish. Report your catch here with as many pictures as possible. Please make life easy for me by stating at the start of your post How [...]

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  • Scarborough Angling Festival

Scarborough Angling Festival

Nine days of angling competitions start this Saturday in the 103rd Scarborough Angling Festival with Boat Kayak and Shore matches. Saturday sees both boat and shore matches with the shore match being 2 till 6 weigh in by 7 the winner the heaviest bag of fish. With high water at 6.13 pm ht 5.88 hopes [...]

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  • John Dixon's Port Mulgrave Cod

Monster 17lb Cod From Port Mulgrave

Get my scales I was screaming and jumping around like a big kid its a double its a double effing get in there. weighed it down there at a staggering 17lb 3 1/2oz previous pb was 4lb 11oz

  • Whitby Sea Anglers Association Fishing Club Results

Whitby Fishing Club 2012 – 2013 Results And Positions

We apologise once again for the lateness in publishing the results. As usual The Whitby Fishing Club have made it very difficult for anyone wishing to publish and debate their catches, sadly we do not see this changing in the near future.

  • Mikes PB Cod

A New Personal Best For Mike

Just returned from a short but very succesful trip down Saltwick with a grin on me face that I'll still have timorrow. I had made my mind up this morning to go down Salwick tonight but on seeing the state of the sea I chaged my mind and was going to head for Goldsbrough after [...]

  • Cod Fishing From The Shore

Goldsborough, Robin Hoods Bay And Saltwick Cod !!!

Finally decided to get my arse in gear and get out there in search of a few of these mops that are kicking about. My season started last Tuesday with a light to moderate swell making nice conditions for Saltwick. Upon arrival at dusk I was not surprised to find my old mates Brian Harland [...]

  • Staithes cod fishing

Some Nice Cod Showing At Staithes

Dan and Damo headed out to Staithes in search of a better fish last night. a quick dash from work and we were on crowbar jetty at 5.30. first 3 casts and I had 2 cod straight in the bag while Damo entertained himself with the local rockling population. around 7ish the lifeboat was whizzing [...]

  • Bempton Cod Fishing

Personal Best Cod From Bempton

I was turning the spool with my right hand and winding with my left at the same time, after what seemed like an eternity the leader was around the spool and the full rig and fish were just below my rod tip, I took the weight of the fish and swung it on the bank [...]

  • whitby west pier cod fishing

Sixteen Pound West Pier Cod For Paul

Just had Paul Kilpatrick on the phone. His opening line was "Ive just had the bag of fish I should of had yestarday" Fished for only 2 hours and He's had 4 fish for 30+ pounds including 1 of 16 pounds, officially weighed at Whitby Angling Supplies.

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  • Filey Angling Festival

Filey Angling Festival 2012 Results

Its that time of year again and the annual Filey Fishing Festival is with us once again. All the latest banter and catch reports from the 7 days of matches can be viewed over on our fishing forum.