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  • Runswick Bay Kayak Match - Sunday 2013 099

Runswick Bay Summer Kayak Fishing Festival 2013

Dates For 2013 - Sunday 16th June 2013. The Scarborough Angling Festival annual summer kayak match, sponsored by First Wet And Wild Kayak Fishing Outlet has been held every year since 2009. Initially the event was run from Filey, however in 2011 the event was relocated to Runswick bay

  • Whitby Charter Skippers Association Boat Fishing Catch Reports

Whitby Boat Fishing – Charter Skippers Association Updates.

We have access to catch reports for all boats in The Whitby Charter Skippers Association. If you want to know how the fishing is going on Whitby's top boats including : Sea Otter 2, Mistress, Avante, Trot On 2 and Shytorque, then you have come to the right place.

Cod Fishing In Malangsgrunnen, Northern Norway

This film was shot in March 2013 at Malangsgrunnen about 20 nautical miles off the coast of Northern-Norway were Atlantic cod from the Barents Sea gather to spawn during winter. The North-Atlantic cod fishery is sustainably managed and the spawning stock is now larger than has ever been measured. The quota for 2013 is 1 [...]

Cod Fishing Video

Cod Fishing On The Whitby Charter Boat Sea Trek Now Known As Shy Torque This short cod fishing video was shot in the Whitby Angling Festival onboard Stu Johnston's Charter boat Sea Trek, a boat made famous when Noel Cook landed the British record cod from Whitby many years ago. The boat has since changed [...]

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  • Summer Cod Fishing

Summer Cod Fishing

FISHING FOR SUMMER COD. Just because the cold days and rough sea's of winter are now a distant memory doesn't mean that we have to put our Cod fishing gear to the back of the shed and wait until the next winter for some cod action. Summer Cod fishing can be very rewarding, yet many [...]

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  • Kayak Fishing At Skinnigrove

2013 Kayak Cod Fishing From Skinningrove

We aimed to anchor around New and Old Gut as we have both had some luck with cod around there. We were right on the edge between the soft and hard ground (at least I think we were as I am still not completely sure I understand my fish finder yet). After about 20 minutes [...]

  • Britain will oppose proposals to curtail cod catches in the North Sea next year

2013 Cod Quota – UK To Oppose Cuts

Britain will oppose proposals to curtail cod catches in the North Sea next year Britain will oppose proposals to curtail cod catches in the North Sea next year. Environment minister Richard Benyon last week pledged to vote against moves to make further restrictions in the time that fishermen spend at sea, and promised [...]

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  • commercial fishing discards

Commercial Fishing Discards Virtually Eliminated

Discards – where fish are thrown away at sea – have been virtually eliminated by fishermen taking part in current trials, according to the latest catch quota report from the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).

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  • John Dixon's Port Mulgrave Cod

Monster 17lb Cod From Port Mulgrave

Get my scales I was screaming and jumping around like a big kid its a double its a double effing get in there. weighed it down there at a staggering 17lb 3 1/2oz previous pb was 4lb 11oz

  • downtide casting for cod

Boat Fishing Tips – Downtide Casting

Downtide Casting Of Shads, Jellyworms And Light Pirks. Why does one lucky angler often dominate the fishing ? Most boat anglers cant have failed to notice that there is often one very annoying person on the boat who catches the majority of the fish. Often without any second thought this is put down to luck, [...]

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  • 30lb Kayak Cod From Sandgate In Kent

3olb Kayak Cod From Sandgate In Kent

Sandgate in Kent seems to be knocking out some huge cod for local anglers Dan and Dave at the moment. Just this week they have caught fish to just over 20 lb and then one just nudging 30lb, no trick baits required down there.... all caught on cuttle fish.

  • uptiding

Uptiding – Bait Fishing From Boats At Anchor

Great Fishing On Light Tackle Whilst At Anchor. Uptide boat fishing at anchor (uptiding) is one of the most productive and enjoyable methods of fishing for Cod and numerous other species like ling, conger, bass, tope and rays. The method involves casting a 6 ounce weight and a trace, baited with a variety of sea [...]

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