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  • cod is endangered

Dont Eat North Sea Cod Its Endangered

For Cod’s Sake – North Sea Cod Remains Off The Menu Despite Huge Efforts To Improve Stocks Marine Conservation Society urges consumers to choose a different accompaniment to chips The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has not changed its advice on North Sea cod in the latest version of its sustainable seafood guide – fish caught [...]

  • Hawsker Cod Fishing

Hawsker Cod Fishing – A 14lber For Rob

Reports coming through from Whitby Angling Supplies Facebook that Lobsterman has just had a 14lber from Hawsker bottoms. Well done rob on an awesome catch.

  • Kettleness cod fishing

Kettleness Big Cod For Matty

I missed bite first cast , then bowesy and jape joined me. Next cast a mop codling, followed by another one not long after. As the big flat rocks started to show i had another bite, struck into it and knew it was a better fish. After a few hairy moments when i thought it [...]

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  • Robin Hoods BAy 083

Whitby Fishing Club 2013 -2014 Results

Whitby Fishing Club Still Holding Back On Thier Results. But those bass club boys, well they just don't care !! Im sure most of you are aware of the ongoing situation with the local sea angling club here in Whitby. For the past few years we have been unable to print their results [...]

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  • Cod Fishing At Bempton - Whitby Fishing Club 157

Bempton Season Kicks Off

Mark again kicked ass with 4 or 5 cod and 2 doggies all caught on straight squid. Shep had managed 4 (probably his best ever bag ?) and again he had fished squid. Mike had took 5 on crab, whilst Dan and Damo had 2 each and Faron had managed to squeeze one out last [...]

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  • whitby open fishing match

Whitby Open Fishing Match

Due to committee decisions made by organisors of The Whitby Open Fishing Match, (basically they have forbidden us to publish their match results in full), we will not be covering this years match. If you would like information on other matches in the area then please check out our fishing forum from the link in [...]

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  • Paul Lobley 10lb Cod From Cowbar Jetty

The 50 Cod Challenge 2013

Quite simple. The challenge is to catch fifty cod from the shore between 1st October and the end of December. No size limits just remember to return all undersized fish. Report your catch here with as many pictures as possible. Please make life easy for me by stating at the start of your post How [...]

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  • Scarborough Angling Festival

Scarborough Angling Festival

Nine days of angling competitions start this Saturday in the 103rd Scarborough Angling Festival with Boat Kayak and Shore matches. Saturday sees both boat and shore matches with the shore match being 2 till 6 weigh in by 7 the winner the heaviest bag of fish. With high water at 6.13 pm ht 5.88 hopes [...]

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  • 2 14lb cod from blyth

Kayak Fishing At Blyth – Two double Figure Cod

Well it was about time my luck changed with a couple of 14lb fish from the hard ground. A great day out with the lads as always and we all had fish a bonus for me, but what I enjoyed about the fishing today was using a couple of old alvey boat reels that I [...]

  • ocean kayak fishing team

Positive Thinking Catches The Fish

Now with positive thinking in mind, Sunday turned out to be a fantastic day for me and a rather difficult day for the rest of the lads. We launched at Sandsend and fished in the bay for sandeels before having a go on the soft ground to see if we could pick and big flatties [...]

  • Kayak Fishing For Cod With Jiggers - A Bit Of everything

More Cod From The Kayak

Thankfully in the end they buggered off and I managed to get my gear on the bottom. The next hour resulted in codling after codling coming to the yak, the biggest going about 7lbs, some very nice fish indeed. Then the codlings seemed to die off.

  • Kayak fishing for cod and pollack on rock top with damo

Kayak Cod And Pollack From The Rough

Myself and Damo decided on the 4th launch in successive nights, tonight's destination was The Rock Top at Whitby, launching at Whithall Landings. We pulled the kayaks past the no fishing or swimming sign (Thank god it said no Kayaking or we would have been £ucked). 20 minutes later we were out at the bellbouy [...]