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  • StephenAtkinson-amble0open-fishing-match

Stephen Atkinson Wins Amble Open Fishing Match 2011

This years Amble Open Fishing Match was won by Stephen Atkinson with an 8lb 13Oz cod. Four hundred and fifty anglers fished this roving shore open competition. 89 anglers weighed in 230 fish for 243lb 6.25oz. Full results and pictures are available in our sea fishing forum.

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  • holderness-cod-fishing

16 Pound Holderness Cod

Thanks mate - this fish was caught by me early this morning north of Withernsea - it is the biggest thing I have ever caught, I was like a dog with a bone.  I knew it was big but didn't have any scales so I took it to Danny at Anglers Corner to see if [...]

  • arliss-cod

Double Figure Cod Wins Filey Open

Filey Angler Phil Arliss landed a cod of 11 pounds from Staintondale to win this years annual Johns Smiths Filey Open. Phil also won the heaviest bag as he had 2 other good fish which took his bag weight to over 20lb. Second place went to Whitby angler Ben Laws who had 7 cod for [...]

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Skinnigrove Is CodTastic For Lobbers

Went down the grove 2nyt with cod hunter harris lobbers came down with a lad and started fishing third cast i had a slack liner so wound down struck into it which resulted in a mop ov 2lbs then got another bite strait after resulting in a another 2lbr by this time lobbers had 4 [...]

  • big-cliff

Red cod from Eymouth St Abbs

I was kindly invited for a trip up to the St Abbs / Eyemouth area of Scotland by Big Cliff and his son Martin, who had to go up there on a job. So a day off work was quickly wangled and I arrived at Alans house just before 6am ready for the 2 and [...]

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  • Bempton-2010 022

Bempton Cliffs – A Bag Full Of Cod

Looked at the weather forecast, 5-7mph Northerly and decided that tonight was the night for our annual outing to Bempton Cliffs. I phoned Mike and we arranged to set off at 4.30 to get there just before dusk. The gruesome twosome agreed to join us later after they finished work. When we arrived it was [...]

  • nicenorwaycod

Norway Cod Season Of To A Flyer

Had my new group of guests over this week from thursday till tuesday! Ben, Aran, Ed and Matt! It was the lads first taste of fishing in Norwegian waters and they were as keen as mustard to get out and amoung the fish!! First mark was the landing, producing, cod, coalfish, ghost sharks and whiting!! [...]

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  • mikethecod

Sandsend Cliffs, Alive With Cod

Headed for the cliffs at Sandsend tonight along with Mike, Dan, Damo, and Rich aka deadlyfish. We started in daylight and the billets were at us fast, then as dusk fell the real fish came out to play. I got a couple of cod on the last of the flood tide, both laid on, the [...]

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  • salty dan

Saltwick Cod

The Whitby Bass Club has now morphed into the Whitby Cod Club for the coming winter season. Tonight we were a man down with Damo having to work on his car. Our first choice venue was Robin Hoods Bay but when we arrived the conditions weren't favourable so it was a quick shift up the [...]

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  • codlings start to show

Codlings Start To Show

Now I know it's still Summer but last night it felt and looked like November, (a bit warmer maybe). With the sea away I decided to go out and have a couple of hours at low water. I only caught the last of the ebb as I was buggering about putting my gear together, but [...]

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  • cliff-cod

Alan, Garry And Friends – On The Cod At Arbroath

Arbroath is the place to be if you want to sample some of Scotlands finest summer cod fishing. Every year Garry Watson and a group of friends from north east England, head north in search of summer cod. Their latest trip was in mid July and resulted in bumper catches of summer red cod once [...]

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