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  • Kayak fishing for cod and pollack on rock top with damo

Kayak Cod And Pollack From The Rough

Myself and Damo decided on the 4th launch in successive nights, tonight's destination was The Rock Top at Whitby, launching at Whithall Landings. We pulled the kayaks past the no fishing or swimming sign (Thank god it said no Kayaking or we would have been £ucked). 20 minutes later we were out at the bellbouy [...]

  • Whitby Charter Skippers Association Boat Fishing Catch Reports

Whitby Boat Fishing – Charter Skippers Association Updates.

We have access to catch reports for all boats in The Whitby Charter Skippers Association. If you want to know how the fishing is going on Whitby's top boats including : Sea Otter 2, Mistress, Avante, Trot On 2 and Shytorque, then you have come to the right place.

Cod Fishing In Malangsgrunnen, Northern Norway

This film was shot in March 2013 at Malangsgrunnen about 20 nautical miles off the coast of Northern-Norway were Atlantic cod from the Barents Sea gather to spawn during winter. The North-Atlantic cod fishery is sustainably managed and the spawning stock is now larger than has ever been measured. The quota for 2013 is 1 [...]

  • Kayak Fishing At Skinnigrove

2013 Kayak Cod Fishing From Skinningrove

We aimed to anchor around New and Old Gut as we have both had some luck with cod around there. We were right on the edge between the soft and hard ground (at least I think we were as I am still not completely sure I understand my fish finder yet). After about 20 minutes [...]

  • John Dixon's Port Mulgrave Cod

Monster 17lb Cod From Port Mulgrave

Get my scales I was screaming and jumping around like a big kid its a double its a double effing get in there. weighed it down there at a staggering 17lb 3 1/2oz previous pb was 4lb 11oz

  • 30lb Kayak Cod From Sandgate In Kent

3olb Kayak Cod From Sandgate In Kent

Sandgate in Kent seems to be knocking out some huge cod for local anglers Dan and Dave at the moment. Just this week they have caught fish to just over 20 lb and then one just nudging 30lb, no trick baits required down there.... all caught on cuttle fish.

  • Uptiding For Cod, Uptide Fishing At Anchor

20lb Cod Wins The Whitby Uptiding Festival 2012

Catches have been excellent in this years Whitby Sea Anglers Uptiding Festival. A 20lb cod caught on John Whitton's Boat Never Can Tell A has taken the £1000 for heaviest fish in the festival.

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  • Whitby Sea Anglers Association Fishing Club Results

Whitby Fishing Club 2012 – 2013 Results And Positions

We apologise once again for the lateness in publishing the results. As usual The Whitby Fishing Club have made it very difficult for anyone wishing to publish and debate their catches, sadly we do not see this changing in the near future.

  • Uptiding For Cod

Uptiding Comes Alive On Sea Otter 2

Today saw a weather window with an ease in the windy conditions my expectations were high for the lads after the recent swell from the north i new the uptiding today should be good but i didnt realize just how good things were going to turn out for a few of the lads . The [...]

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  • Mikes PB Cod

A New Personal Best For Mike

Just returned from a short but very succesful trip down Saltwick with a grin on me face that I'll still have timorrow. I had made my mind up this morning to go down Salwick tonight but on seeing the state of the sea I chaged my mind and was going to head for Goldsbrough after [...]

  • Cod Fishing From The Shore

Goldsborough, Robin Hoods Bay And Saltwick Cod !!!

Finally decided to get my arse in gear and get out there in search of a few of these mops that are kicking about. My season started last Tuesday with a light to moderate swell making nice conditions for Saltwick. Upon arrival at dusk I was not surprised to find my old mates Brian Harland [...]

  • Staithes cod fishing

Some Nice Cod Showing At Staithes

Dan and Damo headed out to Staithes in search of a better fish last night. a quick dash from work and we were on crowbar jetty at 5.30. first 3 casts and I had 2 cod straight in the bag while Damo entertained himself with the local rockling population. around 7ish the lifeboat was whizzing [...]