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The Ultimate Shipwreck Guide by Ron Young

Quote From Ron Young - "Hello Whitby Sea Anglers I Thought your members might be interested in my latest book, which is due out around November-December. I have enclosed the details in the Attachment. Almost every wreck off Whitby is covered, giving all of the ship's details and what the wreck is like today, plus [...]

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Spurdog Tagathon – SSACN – Loch Sunart And Loch Etive

SSACN’s Scottish Shark Tagging Programme (SSTP – ) is delighted to announce the launch of the second annual Spurdog Tagathon. The tagging event is part of our ongoing campaign to allow the stocks of spurdog and common skate in Lochs Sunart and Etive and surrounding waters to regenerate by protecting them from excessive and [...]

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Porbeagle Shark Fishing At Whitby

Rupert Drury Tells Of His Recent Shark Fishing Trip Aboard Rich Wards Boat Shytorque 3 After my previous trip on 16th June, I had a nagging doubt that the next mission was not going to be successful. Many factors need to fall into place, weather, bait, tides and a good measure of luck. The weather [...]

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Whitby Porbeagle Shark Fishing On Shytorque

Report By Rupert Drury This was the earliest I'd booked a shark trip from Whitby and though all the captures from the port have been from July onwards, previous sightings reported to me over the last 2 years in June led me to believe that a booking a trip ths month could possibly be worthwhile. [...]

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New Festival And Autumn Angling Festival 2008 Results

New Festival For Charter Skippers Whitby Charter Skippers are to introduce another festival to the years fishing itenery. Sponsored by Telstar Angling Club the new festival to be held in December will be a little different from the others with the emphasis switching to uptiding (read more about uptiding). The festival runs from December 12th to [...]

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Ian Woods Boat Fishing Competition

Ian Woods Boat Fishing Competition Over 20 foot 1st Brian Wilkes ling 19-8-0 White Diamond 2nd Norman White heaviest cod 16-8-0 Slinky Kate 3rd Bill Campbell ling 16-7-0 Star dance 4th Norman seaman ling 15-5-0 White Diamond 5th Derek Sergbine ling 15-2-0 Swordfish 6th Stan Fee ling 14-0-0 White Diamond 7th Terry Senior cod 13-12-0 [...]

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WCSA Summer Festival 2008 Final Results

WCSA Festival 2008 The 2008 Angling festival at Whitby proved to be a massive success with anglers from all over the UK and as far afield as Canada competing for the £5000 first prize for heaviest single fish. Although the weather was never brilliant, in terms of conditions for good sea fishing that is, there was [...]

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