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  • Uptiding For Cod

Uptiding Comes Alive On Sea Otter 2

Today saw a weather window with an ease in the windy conditions my expectations were high for the lads after the recent swell from the north i new the uptiding today should be good but i didnt realize just how good things were going to turn out for a few of the lads . The [...]

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  • Mistress-Halibut-April2012012

Mistress Boat Fishing Gallery

All the catches from Rich Cope's Charter Boat Mistress. Rich has been leading the way lately with catches such as 20lb od and an amazing 56lb Halibut.

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  • tope fishing

Tope Fishing On The Holderness Coast

Sunday saw teaser head south for only the second time this year [ first time dam wind it blew us back again :angry:] and we were blessed with one of the warmest days at sea i can remember tshirt all day untill the run home at 4 30 fishing started well with the maki playing [...]

  • 42 lb cod from Northumberland

42lb Cod From Newbiggin

A huge cod of 42lb has been caught from Newbiggin in Northumberland. Forum member Ian Alexander says "Hello Lads, I thought that you would like to see this fantastic fish, 42lb 7oz. Posted on the NESA site, what a super fish eh?"

  • boat cod fishing in Norway

Boat Fishing For Cod In Norway

Last week 8 lads from Filey sampled the fishing around Skjervoy in Norway, we were not disappointed, and the weather Gods blessed us with some great weather, seeing us out every day, it really was a holiday of a lifetime, the best cold water fishing in the world - the pictures do the talking as [...]

  • cod fishing in norway

4000 Miles To Norway, But Well Worth the Drive !!

Cod Fishing In Norway, Ice, Snow, Cod And Eagles Our trip starts from West Yorkshire, where we set off after loading our Mitsubishi L200 to the hilt with all the fishing gear we would need and more. We headed down the A1 on good Friday, a mistake most would say to travel on a bank [...]

  • Whitby Sea Fishing - Mistress - Halibut - April 2012 012

Whitby Sea Fishing – Big Halibut Caught On Mistress

Its that time of year again and the Halibut start to show. The past few years have seen quite a few. The first of the year is this 56lb beauty caught by Mistress skipper Rich Cope.

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  • courge-600x4501

Boat Fishing For Pollack Report

A Watched Pot Never Boils - Boat Fishing For Pollack Bass And Thornback Rays By Rupert Drury And a watched fishing float never goes under either but turn your back for a second and if its going to go, you can bet your bottom dollar it will vanish the one moment your concentration wanders. Thats [...]

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  • Cod Fishing

Hall Of Fame 2011 – Kayak, Shore & Boat Catches

So here they are, this years cream of the crop. All the best catches by our forums top anglers in 2011 are here. A list of all previous hall of fame years can be viewed here. [nggallery id=5] Shore Fishing Cod Rob Q – 14lb 8oz cod – River Humber – Picture Here – Read More Growler Rich […]


Boat Fishing Gallery

Our Boat Fishing Gallery is Sponsored By Paul Kilpatrick And Sea Otter 2, The Countries Number One Charter Skipper. This area of our site displays boat fishing catches made by members of our website and forums. The catches have been made over a number of years and the page aims to act as a log [...]

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  • sea otter 2

Sea Otter 2 – Big Cod For The Uptiders.

With a break in the weather we managed to get out yesterday uptiding after a big seas over the weekend expectations were high with there being plenty of fish off the peir i new some quality fish were around close in but after that sea it couldnt be anything else.

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  • 30-pound-cod-169

Thirty Pound Cod Caught On Lone Shark

Now lads mike on lone shark had a group of lads on today fished a wreck one of lads got a 30lb cod he loved it nice one dale good on you nice one mate

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