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UK Cod Record

British Record Cod - The UK Cod Record - Caught From Whitby UK Record Cod - Sea Trek Now Shy torque Cod Record - Caught From Whitby I was recently lucky enough to obtain a picture of the UK Record Cod. I had noticed there was no online record of the capture and so I [...]

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Fishing Braid – “Best Buy ?????”

What braided fishing line should I buy? (Part 1 of 2). It is not an exaggeration or overstatement to say that braided fishing line has revolutionised modern day sea angling. This is certainly true for many branches of boat / kayak angling, and increasingly so, for spinning and other shore casting techniques.  Braid first came [...]

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Cod Fishing In Malangsgrunnen, Northern Norway

This film was shot in March 2013 at Malangsgrunnen about 20 nautical miles off the coast of Northern-Norway were Atlantic cod from the Barents Sea gather to spawn during winter. The North-Atlantic cod fishery is sustainably managed and the spawning stock is now larger than has ever been measured. The quota for 2013 is 1 [...]

Shark Fishing

This is the first in a series of five articles about shark fishing written by local shark angler Rupert Drury who landed the first ever Shark caught at Whitby. These articles will give an insight into how to successfully target sharks off the north east coast of England. Although Rupert specifically talks about the north [...]

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Cod Fishing Video

Cod Fishing On The Whitby Charter Boat Sea Trek Now Known As Shy Torque This short cod fishing video was shot in the Whitby Angling Festival onboard Stu Johnston's Charter boat Sea Trek, a boat made famous when Noel Cook landed the British record cod from Whitby many years ago. The boat has since changed [...]

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North Sea Shark Tagging With CEFAS

First Published In summer 2011 CEFAS (Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science) is a marine science centre in Lowestoft that works on researching and conserving the seas. Its an executive agency of the UK's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). Some of its work involves catching, tagging and releasing fish to investigate [...]

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Fishing With A Pirk

Fishing With A Pirk By Rupert Drury With the growing popularity of shad fishing, use of a pirk has fallen out of fashion to a degree. Nevertheless, pirking (jigging or ripping), remains a very effective method of catching cod, ling and other local species. Over the years, Ive had some belting pollack, loads of nuisance [...]

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Small Boat Fishing In The Whitby Area

Small Boat Fishing - Article Kindly Submitted By Steerser From The Whitby Fishing Forum I have been involved with boat fishing most of my life, but it wasn't till 1998 that I decided to get a boat of my own in partnership with my brother. It was a locally built double ender in reasonable condition [...]

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Uptiding – Bait Fishing From Boats At Anchor

Great Fishing On Light Tackle Whilst At Anchor. Uptide boat fishing at anchor (uptiding) is one of the most productive and enjoyable methods of fishing for Cod and numerous other species like ling, conger, bass, tope and rays. The method involves casting a 6 ounce weight and a trace, baited with a variety of sea [...]

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