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Whitby Charter Boats – Get Listed

Get Listed To Advertise On If you own a charter boat at Whitby and you would like to advertise on our website you will need to get listed with To have your charter boat listed on costs £200 annually. What you get for your money is listed below. Listed on our Whitby [...]

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Sea Fishing Trips At Whitby

How to book a Charter Boat What sort of tide do I need? The right tide varies according to the sort of fishing you wish to do. If you want to fish over wrecks, you need a small tide so you get longer periods on your mark when it is easier to get the bait down [...]

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  • Boat Fishing For Mackeral

Boat Fishing For Mackerel

Mackerel fishing you say? Anyone can catch mackerel, yes while I agree in principle there are days when we struggle to fing them and this guide is intended to help the novice on such days. Although I think some of you more regular boat anglers might find the article of interest especially the safety aspect covered later (not to [...]

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Booking A Fishing Trip At Whitby

Maybe you are thinking of booking a trip on a boat and not really sure of whats involved, well don’t worry Here are a few basics for the total beginners  amongst you, I do intend to cover other boat basics such as makarell fishing, bait, shad and wreck fishing in another post which I will add soon The most common type [...]

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Whitby Halibut Record Smashed

Fishing from Paul Eddon's boat Trot On, Peter Stricksen hooked and landed a specimen Halibut of 56lb 12 oz. The fish beats the previous port record of 50lb. Dated June 7th 2011 Whitby regular Peter said "the fish took a squid bait dragged along the bottem. At first I thought I had caught the bottem [...]

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Whitby Charter Skippers Association

Boat Fishing Whitby Charter Skippers Boat Fishing Forum Boat Fishing Updates Boat Fishing At Whitby. A list of boats and phone numbers for skippers in The Whitby Charter Skippers Association. Angling Boats In The Whitby Charter Skippers Association Click on boat name (in red) for more details, and additional phone numbers. Boat Skipper Number Sea [...]

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Whitby Fishing Trips

Book Your Whitby Fishing Trip Now Discuss Whitby Fishing Trips On Our Facebook Group Boat Fishing Whitby Charter Skippers Boat Fishing Forum Boat Fishing Updates   Whitby Fishing Trips - All You Need To Know About Fishing Trips At Whitby If you've arrived at this page then its likely you are thinking of taking a [...]

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Whitby Boat Fishing Catches 2014

Lots of catch reports and photographs from Whitby Charter Boats For 2014. If its not here, its not happening.

  • Paul Kilpatrick With A Prime Cod On A 4" Blue Storm Shad

Fishing With Shads

Shads are a fantatsic new rubber lure that has set the boat fishing world on fire. This article details how to use shads to catch cod and pollock amongst other UK fish species

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Sea Fishing In Baja Mexico

Im currently on a fishing holiday in Baja Mexico, The fishing so far has been awesome. We have another attack on the yellowtails arranged for Tuesday so hoping for more sore arms. think the Margeritas are affecting my blog as well. I did try trolling my crystal minnows on the sea kayak and lost them [...]

  • Boat Fishing At Whitby Catch Reports For 2013

Whitby Boat Fishing – Charter Skippers Updates And Review Of 2013

Here are all the reports posted to the forum from members of the Whitby Charter Skippers Association in 2013. Obviously all the boats did not take part but we still have some fabulous topics on site, some great reports and masses of pictures of the fishing here at Whitby. To locate the reports for 2013, [...]

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Dont Eat North Sea Cod Its Endangered

For Cod’s Sake – North Sea Cod Remains Off The Menu Despite Huge Efforts To Improve Stocks Marine Conservation Society urges consumers to choose a different accompaniment to chips The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has not changed its advice on North Sea cod in the latest version of its sustainable seafood guide – fish caught [...]