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  • Whitby Angling Festival 2016. Book Sea Otter 2 For A Great Chance To Win £1000

Whitby Angling Festival Spring 2016 Results And Discussion

Results From The 2016 Spring Angling Festival At Whitby Whitby Spring Angling Festival Leader – Guy Wrightson Pontefract 12lb 3 1/2 Ling Shytorque Whitby Angling Festival Day One Results (April 2nd) Guy Wrightson Pontefract 12lb 3 1/2 Ling Shytorque Steve Anscombe Whitby 6lb 8 1/2oz Cod Sea Urchin II Pete Scattergood Doncaster 2lb 13oz Cod Sea Urchin II

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  • The Whitby Angling Festival

The Whitby Angling Festival 2016

The Whitby Angling Festival 2016 - Dates For 2016 Whitby Angling Festivals To Book A Boat Contact Paul Kilpatrick - 07748705695. Spring Festival 2nd to 14th April inclusive - Results Here Summer Festival 25th June to 17th July inclusive. Autumn Festival 3rd to 18th September inclusive. Whitby Angling Festival Summer 2016 Once again the Whitby [...]

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  • paul-kilpatrick

Your Favourite Whitby Charter Skipper

Please vote for your favourite Whitby Charter Skipper using the pole below. The poll lists all the members of the Whitby Charter Skippers Association and some non members. Anyone voting should also use the comments section (at the very bottom of this page) to tell us who they voted for and why. This poll is [...]

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  • Whitby Uptiding Festival

Whitby Angling Festival 2016

Whitby Angling Festival - The Biggest Sea Fishing Festival In The Country.

  • Sharks Sighted Off the Yorkshire Coast

Yorkshire Coast Shark Attacks

Sharks Spotted Stealing Anglers Fish Off The Yorkshire Coast Sea Anglers on The Yorkshire Coast are reporting an increase of Porbeagle shark sightings within the inshore waters. Earlier this summer (June 2014), Whitby charter boat anglers were amazed when a large Porbeagle Shark circled their boat and stole the fish they were catching [...]

  • soft plastic fishing lures for cod, bass, pollack and coalfish

Soft Plastic Fishing Lures – What To Look For

What to look for in a soft lure? Forget about price for a minute. The amount of times I hear ‘Well you can get loads on ebay for a couple of quid’. Yes you’ll catch the odd fish but when it matters you’ll be left with an empty box of fish while everyone else is [...]

  • Whitby Sea Anglers Hall Of Fame Catch Reports

Hall Of Fame 2014

Whitby Sea Anglers Hall Of Fame - Best Catches By Our Forum Members Hall Of Fame Archives - 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - All Time Once again we present you with another Hall Of Fame of our Fishing Forum Members. Throughout 2014 all the best catches [...]

  • Boat Fishing At Whitby

Whitby Charter Boat Fishing

Whitby Fishing Trips Whitby Charter Skippers Boat Fishing Forum Latest Updates Fishing Boats For Hire At Whitby - A page for all charter boats at Whitby. If you are a skipper of a charter vessel at Whitby and would like your boat details listing on our page then please have a look at our advertising [...]

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  • sea otter 2 whitby charter boat

Sea Otter 2 Charter Boat

Sea Otter 2 Skipper Paul Kilpatrick is perhaps the most experienced and hard working skipper currently fishing out of Whitby.

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  • Boat Fishing At Whitby

Trot On 2 Whitby Charter Boat

Full details here soon.

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  • Mistress-Halibut-April2012012

Mistress Charter Boat Fishing At Whitby

Full details here soon.

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  • Boat Fishing At Whitby On Sea Otter 2

Libby Charter Boat At Whitby

Full details here soon

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