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Picol'Eau Swimming Eel Bass Plug

The Picol'Eau is a new innovated design using a new type of eel with a weighted lead that incorporates a metal bib. The "Up Turned" bib is designed to make the lure surface rather than dive, giving the impression to predators that the eel is trying to escape to shallower reaches. Measures 20.5cm overall. Great [...]

By |February 12th, 2009|Bass Fishing, Bass Plugs, Tackle|1 Comment

Storm Jointed Minnow Stick – The New Bass Lure On The Block

The New Storm Joinet Minnow StickThe new storm jointed minnow stick is the replacement for the old Jointed Thunderstick. This new lure on the market for 2009 is aimed at the UK bass angler. The minnow stick falls into the shallow sub surface section and is ideal for target Bass over shallow scars, [...]

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Rapala CD11 Magnum Bass Fishing Lures

RAPALA are The lure manufacturing experts in the fishing world with over a 100 years of experience. The CountDown method allows anglers to consistently fish any depth with controlled, slow-sinking action. By “counting down” one foot per second when the lure hits the water, anglers can achieve their desired depth without guessing. Whether [...]

By |February 3rd, 2009|Bass Fishing, Bass Plugs, Tackle|2 Comments

Maria Chico Boco

Made in Japan, this surface popper is an excellent caster and another great bass lure from the maria product list Weight - 25gms Length - 115mm

By |January 28th, 2009|Bass Fishing, Bass Plugs, Tackle|0 Comments

Xorus Patchinko Nacre – Bass Popping Lure

Xorus Patchinko Nacre is a Great surface bass fishing plug. Works well with a walk the dog style. This French lure is costly at roughly 15 pounds per throw, but its an excellent bass catcher and worth a punt for the serious bass angler.

By |January 28th, 2009|Bass Fishing, Bass Plugs, Tackle|0 Comments

Tenryu Bass Spinning Rod

Don't be taken in by its size, this little Bull Terrier of the plugging world is a lovely little bit of kit, light and easy to use, but will tame double figure bass at a glance. It is used here for boat plugging and shore fishing where surface lures are mainly used.

By |January 12th, 2009|Bass Fishing, Tackle|4 Comments
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Illegal Bass Netting In Nursery Areas

Chichester, Portsmouth and Poole Harbour Bass Poaching In recent times our government have set up bass nursery areas where it is illegal to catch bass from a powered vessel. However an alarming report from the south of the country claims the current laws are all but unenforcable, and bass poaching takes place from the nursery [...]

By |October 23rd, 2008|Bass Fishing, Illegal Fishing|0 Comments

Commen Fisheries Policy Review – Bass Press Release

Commen Fisheries Policy Review - Bass Press Release ‘Don’t Lose this Chance’ says BASS BASS are urging the Fisheries Minister, Jonathan Shaw, to adopt a strong position ahead of the review of the Common Fisheries Policy by 2012.  BASS are demanding that UK national and regional legislation created for the protection of our close-inshore fisheries [...]

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Storm Jointed Thunderstick

Storm Original Jointed Thunderstick - Sub Surface Bass Fishing Storm actually stopped making the thunderstick bass lure back in 2005. However due to high demand it wasnt long before these fantastic bass lures were back in production and back in all the UK bass fishing retail outlets. The new thunderstcks have the Original integrated lip, [...]

By |July 21st, 2008|Bass Fishing, Bass Plugs|2 Comments

Rapala J11 Jointed Bass Plug

Rapala J11 Jointed Bass Plugs The Rapala J11 Jointed Bass lure is rated as one of the best bass fishing lures around today. The Rapala Jointed J11 fishing lure is ideally suited to any fishing situation. It is ideal for casting and trolling from both the beach and shore. The Rapala J11 should also have [...]

By |April 19th, 2008|Bass Fishing, Bass Plugs|0 Comments

Yo-Zuri Hydro Popper

Yo Zuri Hydro Popper The yo zuri hydro popper is yet another bass fishing lure of extreme quality from the yo zuri fishing lure range. The hydro popper is design for use in shallow waters and, as with all popper lures is designed to create disturbance in the surface layer of the sea similar to [...]

By |March 21st, 2008|Bass Fishing, Bass Plugs|3 Comments

Rapala X Rap Bass Plug

Rapala X Rap - A quality Bass Plug The Rapala X Rap Saltwater is the perfect bass plug for bass fishing in UK waters. There are many versions of this superb bass lure with the xrap slash bait been amongst the best for shallow water bass fishing. The Rapala X rap has an integrated long [...]

By |March 21st, 2008|Bass Fishing, Bass Plugs|4 Comments