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Eight Bass For Iain

Forum member Iain Sellors, AKA Quint had another excellent bass fishing session from the south of the region this evening. Using his new bass lure - "The Zonk" Iain landed 8 wonderfull bass. To read more and see the picures please visit the link below.

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Five Pound Personal Best Bass

Glen and the lads headed out in search of bass recently and once again were not dissapointed. In the best session of the year to date the fish came thick and fast and Glenn was rewarded with a new personal best of 5 pounds 9 ounces. To read more please visit th ink below.

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Nine Pound Bass For Chris

Forum member Macky (Chris Mack), had an excellent sessions bass fishing this week with bass of 5lb and a 9lb coming in consecutive casts. Chris who fishes the Holderness and Lincs beaches for smoothhound and bass is no stranger to big fish, but the 9lb bass is his new personal best. You can read Chris' [...]

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Summer Bass Fishing At Whitby

Finally I caught my first bass of 2010. I headed out with a roup of friends to fish a rock mark in the whitby area. Initially the going was tough, but at about half tide, the bass made a show and I landed a nice fish of around 3lb. To read more please visit the [...]

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Bass Fishing With Baits | Graham Hill & Henry Gilbey

Henry Gilbey and Graham Hill Go bass fishing in Ireland with baits. Peeler crabs, sandeels, squid and worms are all used to tempt bass whilst fishing the Irish coastlines famous sandbars.

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Irelands Bass Fishing Under Threat

Ever since 1990 Ireland's bass have been conserved by a set of laws which completely protects the species from commercial fishing, whilst allowing anglers to take only 2 fish each within any 24 hour period. This sportfishery approach has reaped many benefits for the Irish, with anglers from right across Europe coming to take advantage [...]

Boat Fishing For Bass – Rupert Drury

Thought you guys would like to see some photographs from yesterday afternoons bass fishing.   It was taken from my friends’ boat in about 14’ of water and caught on an 11’ spinning rod, fishing live launce under a float.  This was the biggest of nine fish we caught in the afternoon fishing 1 – 6pm. [...]

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Holderness Coast Fishing

Fishing The Holderness Coast By Chris Mack Holderness Coast Sea Fishing. The Holderness Coast is the stretch of coast between Bridlington and Spurn Point. In the mouth of the river Humber. Sea fishing on the Holderness coast can be great at times and most months of the year there will be sizable fish to go [...]

A Bass Wins Redcar Open

Bass made up the majority of catches in the Redcar Navey And Gentlemens open 2009. Fishing at Redcar, local lad Dave Turner won the match with a bass of 2lb 11 ounces. Norman Middlemass and James Moore headed to Upgang and they also had Bass which earned them 2nd and 3rd respectively.

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Filey Angling Festival – Ian Grabs A Bass

Fishing in the Filey Angling Festival, Sacarborough angler Ian Thompson landed a fine bass of over 5 pounds to give himself a good chance of taking the prize for the heaviest bass caught in the week long fishing festival. Fishing from an undisclosed mark, Ian caught the bass at short range on a peeler crab [...]

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Bass Stocks In Trouble Say Bass Anglers Sportsfish Society

European Bass Stocks Under Threat Decline Alarms Anglers UK anglers will soon start to see a disastrous decline in both the number and size of bass available in the important and valuable Recreational Fishery. That is the conclusion from studies that show an alarming reduction in the number of juvenile fish coming into Southern nursery [...]

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Storm Swimmin Eel

Storm Swimmin Eel. This recent addition to the bass fishing scene is a dead cert for a big boy bass. The video is Australian but illustrates niceley the action of the storm swimmin eel. The Eeel is perfect for slow trolling or casting with a slow retrieve. This is the perfect artificial bass for the [...]

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