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More Bigg Bass From The Mull Of Galloway

For the past 3 years i've dedicated most of my spare time on plugging for bass, with the hope of landing a fish near double figures on a plug. I've studied tides, weather, baitfish and moon phases , I think I was getting obsessed with this type of fishing. I recently ordered a tackle house [...]

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8lb Bass For Luke

An 8lb bass for forum member Luke is the heaviest bass in the region to date. Luke caught the fish whilst participating in our forum members bass match. The fish was caught in the Flamborough area.

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Bass And Pollack Fishing At The Mull Of Galloway

Well back from another trip to the Mull of Galloway. Had a great time fishing for mostly bass as the winds and tides were not great for our usual pollack fishing spots but all in all a very enjoyable time was had and we even managed to find a few fish too... We decided to [...]

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A Sea Trout For Damo

Mike and Damo were already on the mark when I arrived at 7, but so far the fish had failed to show. On went the trusted Maria Chase BW red head and is wasnt long before the action started. Mike was the first to strike into a fish, the rod started nodding, then off it [...]

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Bass On Bait At Whitby

A big well done to Mike33 who won the forum bass match with a nice fish of over 4lb caught on bait. With a good swell coming in and slightly coloured water Mike made the right choice in fishing fresh green crab on the scars. It was a pleasure to watch Mike in action as [...]

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Bass Plug Picker

Which Are The Best Bass Plugs For Your Chosen Venue ?? Our bass plug tool has been designed to assist you in chosing some of the best and most appropriate bass lures for fishing at a venue near you. Press enter below and provide a few details about your bass marks. Our tool will give [...]

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Perseverance Pays Off With A Personal Best Bass

Well after weeks of going out whenever I can, I got to thinking I was never gonna get a bass on the plugs, blank after blank cursed me. If it wasnt that it was bleeding weed putting an end to a session early or loosing gear in snaggy ground. I was getting to the point [...]

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South Coast Kayak Bass Fishing In Devon

I have not been out kayak fishing much this year, but last weekend I managed a quick trip out.To be honest, I really did not fancy it, but my kayak fishing friends Adam and Dave persuaded me ! The weather […]

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Bass Fishing Marks At Kettleness

Hopefully this quick guide will be of some benefit to those new to bass fishing and if it gets you that first fish or gets you thinking about the kind of marks to look for, then its done its job. Kettleness is probably one of the most popular and productive bass fishing venues on our [...]

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Lure Fishing For Bass – Henry Gilbey

Henry Gilbey goes fishing with bass legend Graham Hill. The guys show you how to use bass lures and what type of grounds you should be looking for in your search for these fantastic fish.

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Megabass Zonk Gataride 120

The yoro-yoro is the slightly shallower diver of this fantastic Bass Lure The MEGABASS gataride and yoro yoro 120 offers excitment at many levels. Firstly, its articulated lip generates quite intense vibration up the line and rod especially at fast retrieval. Secondly, the water port on top of the body creates water displacement that a [...]

By |January 8th, 2011|Bass Plugs, Tackle|5 Comments
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Maria Chase BW Bass Fishing Plugs

The Maria Chase BW is a long slim diving lure for plug fishing in shallow water. This best selling bass lure is optimised to dive at depths up to 30cm making it the ideal bass fishing lure for shallow beaches and rock marks. The built in magnetic moving weight system makes the lure [...]

By |January 6th, 2011|Bass Fishing, Bass Plugs, Tackle|6 Comments