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Mike Ladle Bass Fishing

Mike Ladle Bass Fishing. Bass Fishing Question And Answer Session With Mike Ladle After local angler Dave Adamson from Scarborough had news of his personal best bass capture published on Mike Ladle's website, we decided to approach the UK bass fishing expert about the possibility of him doing a question and answer session for the [...]

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Boat Fishing For Pollack Report

A Watched Pot Never Boils - Boat Fishing For Pollack Bass And Thornback Rays By Rupert Drury And a watched fishing float never goes under either but turn your back for a second and if its going to go, you can bet your bottom dollar it will vanish the one moment your concentration wanders. Thats [...]

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Bass Fishing 101

One Hundred And One Bass Fishing Hints, Tips And Facts. Always keep a lookout for activity on the water gulls/tern's diving could mean bait fish which could be getting chased by Bass.. Don't be put off by darkness sometimes Bass come right to the waters edge after dark and chase baitfish in total darkness. Be [...]

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Hall Of Fame 2011 – Kayak, Shore & Boat Catches

So here they are, this years cream of the crop. All the best catches by our forums top anglers in 2011 are here. A list of all previous hall of fame years can be viewed here. Shore Fishing Cod Rob Q – 14lb 8oz cod – River Humber – Picture [...]