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Bass Fishing – Walk The Dog Style

Compared to many, my bass angling knowledge is fairly limited. I was thinking to myself just the other day, how so much in the world of bass fishing seems to be shrouded in secrecy. Its always been my aim to unravel the mystery and secrets surrounding all types of angling, and to try make easier [...]

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Bass Fishing Methods

Five Ways To Catch A Bass The Best Methods For Catching Bass There are numerous methods to catch bass from the shore in the UK. This article will discuss the top methods favoured by successful bass anglers on our coastline Essential Further Reading Bass Fishing 101 UK BASS RECORD BROKEN Lure Fishing For Bass Which [...]

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Ok To Kill Bass

Is It OK To Kill Bass ?? What Is The Truth About Bass Stock Levels In UK Waters ? Anyone who reads the various sea angling forums and websites on the internet cant have missed the increase of individuals preaching catch and release on the species of bass. Statements like "You should have put it [...]

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The Mull Of Galloway Alive With Bass & Pollack

Site readers who have visited The Mull Of Galloway and Luce Bay will know what I mean when I say it's an angling paradise with many species to target set in lovely surroundings. The weather was unusually kind to us and had light winds and sunshine most days.. We could possibly say the fishing was [...]

Bass Fishing In Scotland, Luce Bay.

We arrived last Saturday and fished the first night on the rocks for bass. Mike as always did his old Golden Balls routine and nailed three bass on the first night whilst myself and Damo couldnt attract anything other than dogfish. Day two was all about congers. After last years experience of lost Monsters to [...]