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Soft Plastic Fishing Lures – What To Look For

What to look for in a soft lure? Forget about price for a minute. The amount of times I hear ‘Well you can get loads on ebay for a couple of quid’. Yes you’ll catch the odd fish but when it matters you’ll be left with an empty box of fish while everyone else is [...]

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Lure Fishing For Bass

Article By Iain Sellors Another fruitless trip. The light has now faded; your eyes adjust to the dim haze, the welcoming sounds of day birds replaced by the more sinister hoot of the nocturnal hunter. The mile or so walk back through the winding, wooded cliff path leaves you wet with sweat, the pungent smell [...]

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Bass Fishing – Walk The Dog Style

Compared to many, my bass angling knowledge is fairly limited. I was thinking to myself just the other day, how so much in the world of bass fishing seems to be shrouded in secrecy. Its always been my aim to unravel the mystery and secrets surrounding all types of angling, and to try make easier [...]

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Maria Angel Kiss – Bass Lures

The Maria Angel Kiss is a floating minnow specially designed for fishing in shallow waters. This bass lure will swim at aproximately 30cm deep and is ideal for fishing in shallow areas for bass. The system weight mobile (WMS) allows for excellent casting distances.

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Ok To Kill Bass

Is It OK To Kill Bass ?? What Is The Truth About Bass Stock Levels In UK Waters ? Anyone who reads the various sea angling forums and websites on the internet cant have missed the increase of individuals preaching catch and release on the species of bass. Statements like "You should have put it [...]

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Graham Hill – Bass Fishing Question And Answer Session

Bass fishing with Henry Gilbey is one of those videos which makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Along with his buddy Graham Hill the lads catch bass after bass on both baits and lures. If you havent already seen the video then you can watch bass fishing with baits here [...]

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Mike Ladle Bass Fishing

Mike Ladle Bass Fishing. Bass Fishing Question And Answer Session With Mike Ladle After local angler Dave Adamson from Scarborough had news of his personal best bass capture published on Mike Ladle's website, we decided to approach the UK bass fishing expert about the possibility of him doing a question and answer session for the [...]

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Bass Fishing 101

One Hundred And One Bass Fishing Hints, Tips And Facts. Always keep a lookout for activity on the water gulls/tern's diving could mean bait fish which could be getting chased by Bass.. Don't be put off by darkness sometimes Bass come right to the waters edge after dark and chase baitfish in total darkness. Be [...]

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Bass Plug Picker

Which Are The Best Bass Plugs For Your Chosen Venue ?? Our bass plug tool has been designed to assist you in chosing some of the best and most appropriate bass lures for fishing at a venue near you. Press enter below and provide a few details about your bass marks. Our tool will give [...]

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Lure Fishing For Bass – Henry Gilbey

Henry Gilbey goes fishing with bass legend Graham Hill. The guys show you how to use bass lures and what type of grounds you should be looking for in your search for these fantastic fish.

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Megabass Zonk Gataride 120

The yoro-yoro is the slightly shallower diver of this fantastic Bass Lure The MEGABASS gataride and yoro yoro 120 offers excitment at many levels. Firstly, its articulated lip generates quite intense vibration up the line and rod especially at fast retrieval. Secondly, the water port on top of the body creates water displacement that a [...]

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Maria Chase BW Bass Fishing Plugs

The Maria Chase BW is a long slim diving lure for plug fishing in shallow water. This best selling bass lure is optimised to dive at depths up to 30cm making it the ideal bass fishing lure for shallow beaches and rock marks. The built in magnetic moving weight system makes the lure [...]

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