Cart is an excellent all round angling bait.

Cart is an excellent all round sea angling bait and can be used to catch almost any species that swims in the sea. In Particular cart makes a deadly fishing bait for cod from both boat and shore.

Cart is the extracted insides of an edible crab. Anglers purchase the edible crabs off the open market. Remember to only buy from a reputable dealer who sells crabs over the legal landing sizes..

The claws are boiled up as food, and the body, rather than being discarded into the bin is utilised for angling bait. This article will focus on the best way to process cart for use as a cod fishing bait.

edible crab cart baits - excellent for cod fishing

How To Make Cart Baits

Cart is simply the extracted innards of the edible crab available from any fish mongers/ shell fish retailer. All you need to do is scoop out all the flesh from in the lid of several large edible crabs. Simply scoop the insides into an appropriate sized bowl and mix it all together.

Getting the cart ready for the hook.

Many anglers simply freeze their cart in shallow baking trays. Once frozen the cart is sliced up into bait sized portions and placed into a mesh or cling film.

The baits are then stored in a freezer until required for a later cod fishing session. Some anglers like the ingenious ones shown below process their cart into cart sausages which are then frozen prior to use.

How to use cart

As already discussed cart is frozen until ready for use. Once you have decided you are going fishing you need to place your cart sausages, or baits wrapped in film or mesh into a bait flask.

Once at your fishing venue you remove them from the flask one at a time and whip them onto your hook with elasticated cotton.

Remember to punch holes into the membrane so that the bait can leak out. Now you simply cast out and wait for the fish to come along. Cart is a very good bait both on its own and fish as part of a larger cocktail bait.

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